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What is the meaning of these two sentences below??

1.) You belong to me.

2.) You belong with me.

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    What is the meaning of these two sentences below??

    You belong to me. = You are mine.

    You belong with me.= We should stick together.

    You belong with me.You should be with me. You cannot leave me.


    Peter: You belong to me.( You are my girl only.) You cannot go out with any other boys.

    Helen: I know that. I love you, Peter.

    Peter: You belong with me. (You should stay with me forever.)

    Helen: I will never leave you, Peter. I will just go anywhere you go, sweetie.


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  • Ling
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    1) you are mine . People understand what you mean but we seldom say you belong to me. Simply use - you are mine- is more straight forward.

    However, we normally use belong for owning an item, The book/ the car/ the handbag belongs to me .

    2) It does not sound right. Nobody says so.

    You better let us know what you want to say and we translate it for you.

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  • Sandra
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    belong to had two meaning:


    1. (在所有權等方面)屬於

    The bicycle belongs to Amy.


    2. 是...的成員

    What political party does he belong to?


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