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急找英文諺語 感謝大大幫忙

What's an idiom or slang expression for relax?

What's an idiom or slang expression for having too much work to do?

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    1. Christmas comes but once each year

    不是每天都是聖誕節 ___不是天天都過年 (給自己大吃大喝放縱的藉口)

    2. The best advice is found on the pillow.


    3. After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

    4. Don't have too many irons in the fire. 不要作超出能力範圍之外的事

    5. Don't take life too seriously; you'll never get out of it alive.

    6. Make hay while the sun shines. 及時行樂

    7. Laughter is the best medicine for them who do not know how to


    8. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

    勉強沾得上邊的: Variety is the spice of life. 變化是人生的調味料

    having too much work to do:

    1.Burn the candle at both ends


    2. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    =All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

    (Jack只是相當於張三李四) 一個人只知工作不知放鬆會變得魯頓

    3. A woman's work is never done.

    4. Working hard or hardly working?

    5. burn the midnight oil 焚膏繼晷

    Sorry 想不到了!!!!!

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