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more claer? more clearly?

pls kindly explain two below questions..

1. what is the distinction between more claer and more clearly.

2. or clear should go with much? { much clear ..much clearly?}

many thanks!!!

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    more clear--> adjective

    more clearly -->adverb

    much clear--> adjective..however it's just much clear.the same as very clear intention of compariosn to your previous status or no intention to compare with other condition

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    O : speak clearly

    X : speak clear

    O : clear speaking

    X : clearly speaking

    O : my room is clearer than yours

    X : my room is more clear than yours

    O : my car is more expensive than yours

    X : my car is expensiver thatn yours

    O : my room is much clearer than yours

    X : my room is much more clear than yours

    clear 'vs' ex-pen-sive

    clearer 'vs' more expensive

    much clearer 'vs' much more expensive

    the clearest 'vs' the most expensive

    ha-ppy 'vs' bu-sy

    happier 'vs' busier

    much happier 'vs' much busier

    the happiest 'vs' the busiest

    la-zy 'vs' con-ve-nient

    lazier 'vs' more convenient

    much lazier 'vs' much more convenient

    the laziest 'vs' the most convenient

    clearer=more clear but we don't use more clear in English

    busier=more busy but we don't use more busy in English

    O : I am busier than you.

    X : I am more busy than you.


    bu-sy, ha-ppy, la-zy, smart, cra-zy


    con-ve-nient, ex-pen-sive

    And we use

    can you speak clearly~

    can you speak more clearly!?

    walk slowly please~

    walk more slowly please!

    I am smarter than you.

    He is smarter than me.


    He is much smarter than you.


    He is the smartest. = He is smarter than you and me.

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    Mom, I can hardly see!!!

    What happened to my eyes!?


    =Game Over=

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    if you still have a question about why we use

    speak more clearly

    but not speak clearlier

    then this is my answer :

    I don't know why~~~~~~~~

    because that's the rule I guess baby

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    clear 'vs' clear-ly

    clearer 'vs' more clearly

    much clearer 'vs' much more clearly

    it's one of the most special thing in your life

    and don't be confused

    just get along with it

    I think you just need some time

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    you will know how they speak by the way I just show you

    the URL above.....................

    show me the way


    Good job.

    Source(s): do you understand?????? good boy!,
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