Has hotspot shield been blocked by China?

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I downloaded it and tried to launch it and it linked me to a website (http://www.hotspotshield.com/launch/) that didn't work. What are some other free downloads that could help me ...show more
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  • Nan answered 5 years ago
In situations where there is a real need for security trusting your life on a free solution with all it's limitations seems a bit risky.

No proxies are really very good at all and they get blocked all the time as you probably know.

Plus they have issues with many web site features.

The number of proxies run by hackers is also growing daily and you risk your computer and more using one that claims to be anonymous.

The only proxy I've found to be somewhat useful because it changes IP's daily is http://www.wildtunnel.com. It is a limited proxy and only works with a few sites. But it seems to work most times and is safe to use.

The better approach is the Personal VPN which unblocks everything, encrypts your entire connection for security, and doesn’t get blocked daily. http://www.surfbouncer.com
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  • Kurtis answered 3 months ago
    You are best off going with a smaller VPN than the Hotspot / Expat Shield as it is starting to get blocked by some of the TV networks, I know BBC iPlayer does not work with t anymore. Best looking for one also that has no spyware pop up ads.


    http://www.freevpnproxy.co.uk works fine with the UK & US TV sites abroad.
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