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whats a good russian quote that you like.. if u translate it . that would be nice if not then its ok?

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    Somebody answered the same question the other day with some quotations from Faina Ranevkaya, a famous sharp-witted Russian actress and "the great granny" as they called her.

    I personally can quote from Viktor Chernomyrdin, a former Russian prime-minister and up to recent a Russian ambassador to Ukraine, well-known for his funny and paradoxical impromptus. Once he expressed in a few words metaphysical reality of the Russian contemporary political life and the depth of the "Russian soul" if you want: "Хотели как лучше, получилось как всегда". That is, "we tried our best, you know the rest".

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    I have a Russian wife and some years ago, I was sick and I stayed home from work. This was the only day I missed in 1 year, and she was still mad about me missing work. Then she told me, "the only time a Russian man stays home from work is when he's dead".

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