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How much should a tshirt with Art Monk, Darrell Green, and 5 other redskins autographs be worth?

How much would a tshirt with the autographs of Art Monk, Darrell Green, Mark Moseley, Joe Jacoby, Gary Clark, Brian Mitchell, and Dexter Manley on it be worth? All of the autographs are definitely legit, I was there. Thanks!

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    Shop ebay to see what similar items are selling for. I would guess up to $250.

  • hyer
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    Monk ought to have been in numerous years in the past. There are possibly one million or 2 wrs in with greater suited numbers. His off the sphere acceptance replaced into, and is, previous question. Ervin has no place in Canton, if he replaced into waiting to get in, then the place's Dexter Manley? Admit one coke head, admit all of them. Darrell green is particularly between the right 5 CBs in nfl historic previous. His community provider and modest behaviour reflect the style of man or woman we desire to work out our little ones emulate. he will pass in first polldespite Pasquerelli's interference.

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