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PF fans: Why do you say that Floyd > Zeppelin, when this is not true and even the evidence says it isnt?


Please comment on the evidence ONLY:

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    if you go off a website to say whether or not u think a band is better than you don't know music, however, i must say Led Zeppelin is so much better than Pink Floyd, you can't top Jimmy Page on the guitar or Robert Plant's phenomenal vocals. nevertheless, Pink Floyd is a great band with a lot of great albums- Animals (fantastic guitar), the wall (unique- it has a story). but dont forget to check out led zeppelin's albums, all are great, but i would recomend physical graffiti

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    Progressive in itself is a melting pot of genres. Diversity doesn't always mean creativity. and Pink Floyd did not start Psychedelic rock. They were really only psychedelic rock in their earlier years too. They branched off to progressive rock. Creativity is not in how many labels you can apply to it. Led Zeppelin was generally typical blues bass lines with a solo. Of course, I'm generalizing, but Pink Floyd's lyrics were also quite creative as opposed to Led Zeppelin's generally generic Lord of the Rings inspired songs. Pink Floyd make frequent use of imagery and symbolism in their music and it can get quite emotional. Take for example, The Wall. If you have listened to this whole album you can't honestly tell me you didn't want to cry by the time "Goodbye Cruel World" came around. That leads me to another point. Concept albums. Look at Dark Side of the Moon, all of the songs had a specific theme such as money, death, life, etc. It's also funny that you mention experimentation as a reason that Led Zeppelin is more creative. Pink Floyd started out as an experimental psychedelic rock band. Try listening through the album "Piper at the Gates of Dawn." I don't believe in "better/worse" bands, however I do greatly prefer Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin (which i still enjoy).

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    Music is purely subjective. You can't prove that an artist is better than another one because it's not possible. And because a band is more popular sure doesn't mean it's better. If that was true, The Black Eyed Peas would be worshiped as music gods and the genres like Ska, Techno or any subgroup of Indie of would have died out in a matter of minutes.

    Besides, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd are two completely different bands and can't really be sensibly compared.

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    Dude, I've seen you ask this same basic question 3 times now. Stop it.

    No amount of "evidence" that you keep producing is going make someone stop and go, "Oh my god! Now i see the error of my ways!"

    What do you care which band people like more? Calm down, enjoy the music and stop worrying about changing people's minds. People like what they like.

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    Hahaha, that means absolutely NOTHING. It is subjective, different bands & songs mean different things to different is purely personal opinion.

    Although for the record, I love both Floyd & Zepp, but I prefer Led Zeppelin =D For the record...get it...hahaha...uhh, yep.

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    to tell you the truth i love both bands and they shouldn't be compared. they are both great bands with great music and the only reason people say they are better is because its their opinion, its not fact. But i will say i don't think things like hits and number position make the band better, its the music and they are both are equal.

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    floyd>ledzeppelin x 100


    Doesnt matter its your taste in music that counts=]

    floyd and zep are completely different and i love both just floyd is better to ME. (me being keyword here)

    you have your opinion i have mine

    so stop being such a douche bag

    and enjoy the music=]

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    John s what kind of moron are you???? what evidence are you talking about evidence give me a break,you have way to much time on your hands

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    Music isn't suppose to be viewed as "whose better". While it may be okay to compare who has more skill or who you (personally) like better, there is no need to fight about it. Everybody has their own taste in music and we shouldn't be jugged by it.

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    it's all a matter of opinion and no so-called "evidence" is going to change my mind

    by the way, that was a dead link

    nice try


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