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How much is an alaskan husky in C.A.?

I really want to get one...

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    Alaskan Husky? Alaskan Huskies are mixed breed dogs bred to pull sleds. If you aren't actively involved in sledding or some other similar activity, you should not get an Alaskan Husky. If you are involved in this and you want a well-bred one, you can pay anywhere from $1500 up to and above $20000.

    If you mean Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute, from a responsible breeder for a pet quality dog, you should pay $750-$2000. and can give you more information on if the breed is right for you and where to find a breeder. can help you keep from getting scammed by a bad breeder.

    There are also a number of Siberians and Malamutes up for rescue through no fault of their own. Try and the rescue sections on the links above.

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