Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360 ?

Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360 ???

I want an unbiased comparison. Here are my needs-

- I'll only be playing games, nothing else(no movies, musics, etc.)

- I'm a casual gamer (not more than 10 hours a week)

- Reliability

- Not that much online play online play

Questions regarding both-

- Will the PS3's game library grow?

- Is RROD still a problem with the Jasper

- Future Potential- Is the 360 maxed out or and/or does the PS3 have loads of potential?

Price is a slight concern, but it really comes to quality of the system and games.

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    1 decade ago
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    PS3. unbiased. PS3 is better, not opinion...fact.

    PS3 has blue ray player, xbox has dvd player (i wanna say dvd9 but i dont think that is right). microsoft charge you extra for an add-on HD-DVD player when blu-ray/hd-dvd was still at war (now discontinued due to HD-DVD losing). PS3 since start has won that war. blu-ray comes standard on every system; always has.

    a blu ray is 50 gigs. Metal gear solid 4 is a dual layer blue ray (100 gigs). so if MGS4 was made for xbox, (not that it would be) it would be a mulit disk set. There is an infamous picture joke, seen here:

    Reliability - when 360 first came out, they had a 40 percent failure rate. almost EVERY OTHER one was bad. now, microsoft has fixed the "red rings of death" in the newer 360s via new hardware, but a new problem has occured just as bad - the E79 error. even in the elites they still get this. Simply put, the software they created doesn't work correctly with the hardware they created - why do you think microsoft doesn't actually make their own computers? like apple creates their software and hardware together and its perfect; so why can't the 360?

    the 360 is just a failed system. the hardware issues will never go away unless they COMPLETELY reconstruct it, ex. the next xbox to hit the market (due to entirely new software code and hardware)

    fyi ps3 has ALWAYS had a less that 1 percent failure rate.

    360 has "better games", but that is opinionated. The "better games" are all the exclusive shooter games, which is all the rage these days, like halo and gears of war. I for one is not into shooting games so it's just an opinion to me.

    I believe ps3 has more exclusives now.

    The ps3 DOES have better hardware then the 360.

    Ps3 is capable of extremities not even seen yet. It is well known that uncharted: drakes fortune (ps3 exclusive) has the best graphics seen to date out of ANY console (incl. 360 AND pc). its hardware is still yet to be pushed to it's limit.

    PS3 has 8 subcores, one reserved for system and 7 to handle seperate items in a game ex. one handles texture mapping one handles sound one handles movement etc. 360 only has 6 cores, one for system and 5 for the game.

    PS3 online is free, xbox isnt. 360s is better though - but not by much anymore. Only thing they have better/exclusive now is voicemail and anytime chat to anyone no matter what game they are playing and a lot pf people own 360s - so more people online. but ps3's online is still excellent and tons of players (excpet form rock band? idk maybe that is just me)

    -biased- i personally like the trophy system in the ps3 way more then 360s achievement system. when you get ALL trophies for a game, you get a platinum to show you got them all; shows your dedication for that game, 360 does not have such feature.

    plus ps3 (500 dollar/160 gig model) comes with 4 usb ports, 360 only has 3. all ps3s have a real web browser like you would see on a computer; no such thing on xbox.

    2 things i do love about 360 though - you can take off the hard drive on the top and stick it on another 360 - equivalent to a memory card i guess. ps3 the hard drive is on bottom. you could switch it out but its not made to like the 360 it. and on 360 if you dont like the online name you originally choose - you can change is for 10 bucks and still have all your achievements - ps3 your stuck with it or create a new account - but lose you trophies and all.

    one more thing...all ps3s have wireless built you HAVE TO buy a wireless adapter, 100 bucks on its own! you pay for all these extra items the ps3 already has to make the 360 right up there. theres your ps3 price. =D

    only thing new ps3 (newer 80 gig and 160 gigs) have no ps2 compatibility. older ones like mine (60 gig) have ps2 hardware inside for backwards compatibility and later ones have ps2 emulation software, plays about 95% of all games and 90% of the flawlessly. all models regardless play ps1 games though, all use software emulation.

    Overall, ps3 is victorious. I honestly really don't see what is so great about 360 and why everyone has one and bags on ps3. I have played 360 and i am not very impressed. great system yes but ps3 it generations ahead.

    ps3 is kinda pricey at first - but will pay off due to not having to possibly send it in for RROD or E79 failures and such.

    my comparison was truly unbiased. i don't hate 360; i just dont get all the rage over it, maybe the games? (again i dont do shooting games/war games)

    Source(s): Avid gamer; have been gamer for 12 years now. I love technology so i know what i am talking about and dont go around saying things i dont know about. Have studied both consoles furiously.
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    u come to the playstation section asking which is better and of course people are going to say ps3.i say ps3 is kill 360 and online is free.the games grow everyday and the 360 and ps3 pretty much get the same games.360 only has gears of war,left 4 dead,halo,fable and thats pretty much it.the ps3 is way more reliable than the 360.sure not many 360 get RROD anymore(the rate decreased)but a new problem occur call the E74 error.ps3 doesn't get errors nor does it ever answer ur main questions yes the ps3 game library is growing everyday.yes RROD is still a problem.ps3 has a bunch of potential.yes the ps3 is more expensive but u really have to look at what ur getting with it.thats why the price is so if u want a cheap price system that is un reliable and paying for online and ur only really intrest in games is gears of war and halo then go with the xbox 360.if u want the most superior console of all time go ps3

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    1 decade ago

    Get a PS3.

    Yes, the PS3 game library will grow

    Yes, RROD is still a problem, even with the Jasper chip. The 360 is the most unreliable of the current gen consoles, Jasper chip or not. It has an inferior design when it comes to reliability and longevity.

    Yes, the 360 has basically become maxed out. Yes, the PS3 has loads of potential. MGS4 is the only game that has really stretched this potential.

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    I own a PS3 but Play 360 (Friends) a lot so I know the ups and downs of both.

    For your needs tho you are borderline for either I mean, you don't play much so you don't want to spend 400$ on a PS3 compared to like 299$ on a 360, PS3 has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! While the 360 is getting close to not being able to do much more. PS3's library of games is Huge as is with starting a year later than 360 it will be smaller but the PS3 exclusives are personally A LOT better that that of the 360,


    PS3- Free

    360- 5-6$ a month (I think not sure)

    RROD, is no problem for the 360 if it is the odds of getting it are low.

    PS3 is the most reliable of the 2 said consoles

    Eh, For you I would have to probably say the 360 but if you are a big fan of WELL Graphic Games and great mature On-line play and a ever growing library of exclusives get the PS3.

    The PS3 is not near at its full potential of gaming it is still able to handle a lot more.

    Source(s): Me and Friends
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  • Laura
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    4 years ago

    Ps3 , human looking avatars in the Home environment, and your avatar can go visit another avatars apartment and you can both watch a movie that is stored or in the other guys ps3 . So you can be millions of miles away and be chatting with up to eight apartment party guests while watching the same video or movie together. Your avatar can also join other avatar friends and goto a Home pool hall and play pool together, or bowl or, goto a movie theater, . Xbox 360 has cartoonee X-Miis for their avatar system, and they can only parade in other peoples consoles much like the Wii. Ps3- has a 256 person , squad based fps online game, including paratroopers vehicle squads etc...... Xbox has final fantasy, but it was originally built on the ps3 engine and will have to be ported down to the 360 which means frame rate issues on the 360 version and it will be released later then the ps3 version. XBox has netflix, but the ps3 has it's own video rental service, came online today. So if you rent a movie you can copy it over to your psp and watch it there as well. If you buy the movie you can copy it over to 3 psps. to watch on the road. and or store it on an external harddrive to watch again and again. PS3 takes any brand internal or external hard drive upgrade. Xbox 360. if you buy a movie you have to have it on your 20 gig or 120 gig harddrive (microsoft brand, well if you need harddrive space you cannot upgrade your Micro soft harddrive any farther than 120 gig at over $17 per gig because you have to buy microsoft brand. Ps3 you can take any brand internal harddrive that is 2.5 sata and put it in your ps3. Right now I can get a 200 gig internal harddrive for less then $100 yet microsofts 120 gig cost over $180. THere is nothing really new about 360 movie online downloads from netflix we've been doing Netflicks online movies via the pc for over a year, and we just hook the pc to the HD tv and get hd movies without having to pay microsoft for online fees on top of the netflicks rental fees. Ps3 movie rentals and dowloads , you only pay for the rental , PSN network is free to use even for online gaming. PS3 you can and always have been able to surf anywhere on the net and download free movies right to the ps3 or an external harddrive hooked up via the ps3 webbrowser and any website you please. 360 has no web browser, everything is done through the xboxlive. So yes they both offer a variety but gears 2 will be on the Vista PC because microsoft is having a hard time getting people and companies to stay with vista. Dell had to downgrade corporate pcs for free back to windows xp so gears 2 and halo 3 will quickly move to vista PCs To get people to switch over. How about the connecting of the psp to the ps3, I can be in California and I can have my psp turn on my ps3 back in New york, and I can stream all the movies and music stored on the ps3 or connected sources to the psp. I can login into my psn online account and chat with ps3 game buddies with teh psp as well. O use the psp to connect to the ps3 while I am at school so I can show friends the cool video downloads I got the night before. I haven't had to swap out memory cards in the psp since I got the ps3, it's great. Then I can have the psp turn off the ps3 with the new off XMB. So my ps3 would be happy chilling out till I login again.

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    1 decade ago

    ps3,the game library is going to grow alot more by the end of the year,it runs half its potential when a 360 plays its best game,blue-ray movies are awesome!!its failure rate is only 0.2% and the 360 33% so the ps3 is more reliable and you could keep it on all week and it won't overheat if its in a well ventillated area.

  • 1 decade ago

    ps3 399$

    free wireless

    free online gameplay


    xbox 360 299$


    50 dollars for 1 year xbox live 299+50= 349$

    99.99 for wifi adapter = 449.99$

    no blueray.. so xbox 360 game disc get scrach up so easy.. ps3 ame disc are made with blueray disc.. does are WAY WAY harder to make a scrach so they will lats longer

    ps3 is cheaper in the long run then the xbox my friend, u need to do some research and open ur eyes

    Source(s): your local hero
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    i think ps3 are great and xboxs are ok but ps3 game library is going to grow alot by the end of this year begining of next(i think but i know it defo is) and the graphics are better with or without hdmi cable, and they are both good for what you pay for them but if i were you i would take ps3 but it is your choise in the end.

    Source(s): ps3 owner and xbox owner
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    Getting the Latest News on PlayStation sure to check out the links on the right....there are lots of useful info there also.

    Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360

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    1 decade ago

    360 is much more popular than ps3 and graphics are just as good and 360 is cheaper

    much larger online play for 360 and more games

    ps3 does have blue ray player so consider it if your into blue ray if not go with the 360

    Source(s): i own a 360 and know a friend with a ps3
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