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isn't Israel contradicting the "two states solution" idea by building Jewish settlements in the west Bank?

The "two state solution" is under talk between Palestinians and Israelis, but how the two state solution will be possible when Israel keep building Jewish setlments on the mass Arab citizens on the west bank. It is logical that if the Palestinians land is founded it will be on the west bank.

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    Although a full West Bank withdrawal is the best idea (when the time is right, Israel will need support from most of its citizens or else a civil war can break out), the settlements do not contradict the "2 State Solution". Keep in mind that when Israel declared independence, it had an Arab population of 45%, but that didn't stand in the way. Even now there are 1.5 million Arabs living in Israel and it's no problem, so I don't believe that Israelis living in the West Bank is an obstacle for a Palestinian state, but I still support the idea of a full withdrawal when the time is right.

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    The term answer has been utilized so as that human beings believe it to be a answer without examining whether it may be triumphant. The Palestinian human beings do no longer know Israel's good to exist. Palestinian little ones are taught to cost jihad and Israel isn't shown on their maps. gifting away land in Israel has no longer delivered approximately peace--after Gush Katif grow to be given away, Israel grow to be subjected to particularly much each and every day rocket firing. Now, Palestinians are making waiting missiles to fireside on Tel Aviv-Tel Aviv isn't in the west monetary corporation. Why could the west monetary corporation be judenrein? West monetary corporation is a factor of the holy land for the Jewish human beings. Hebron, a considerable city in the West monetary corporation, is the burial place of the forefathers and somewhat some the foremothers of the Jewish human beings. the city of Jericho, additionally in the West monetary corporation, grow to be the place the Jewish human beings first entered Israel after getting back from exile in Egypt. the city of Shechem in the West monetary corporation is the place Joseph of the ten tribes of Israel is buried.

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    Yes it is. This in an age old problem that I see no answer to. They are using the backing of America as cover to do all this but they might find out one day they are not americas greatest friend after all if they do not change their attitude. Israel, I back it up, but they are not doing what they need to do to fix the problem and I wish they would change and barter with the palestinians for peace.

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    It does contradict it a bit, but not as much as the Palestinians' desire to eradicate the jews....

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    One perspective is that Israel is not bargaining in good faith. Another is that Israel is demonstrating that it will concede nothing in advance.

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    Neither side with EVER compromise anything.

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