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Why do 49ers fans think Alex Smith is the answer at QB?

Shaun Hill is one of the more underrated QB's of the league, yet I find articles on the internet about how 9ers fans would prefer alex smith..

May I remind you he was a first overall pick -- and a flat out bust?

Alex Smith

Games/Starts: 32/30

Passer Rating: 63.5

Passing Yards: 4,679

Touchdowns: 19

Interceptions: 31

The next Peyton Manning my @$$

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    The bottom line is Alex Smith has not yet been healthy enough to really develop. To give up on him now could be a mistake.

    However, the simple fact remains that Shaun Hill wins (he's 7-3 as a starter). He may not possess the great arm, the great athletic ability, etc.; but Hill can definitely play.

    The 49ers should continue to start Hill and let Smith develop slowly-like Tony Romo; who stood on the sidelines for three and a half years before playing.

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    If Alex Smith has the same coaches in place for a few seasons in a row, perhaps his play will improve. Maybe Mike Singletary can light a fire under Smith's butt and get him playing better. I was never an Alex Smith fan and thought he was over rated coming out of Utah. I give him another year or 2 to improve. If not, he's looking more like the next Ryan Leaf!

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    I know how you may feel. Articles about the Bucs say that they should start Bryon Leftwich which has shown already that he is not worthy to be a starter. For several years he struggled with the Jaguars, got beat out by Joey Harrington on the Falcons and the only reason why the Steelers signed him was for a backup since Batch got hurt.

    Some people just don't seem to have a clue!

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    because of the fact Manning would be an glaring improve over Smith. yet i do no longer think of the 49ers had any genuine severe interest, noticeably as quickly as they heard what Manning became inquiring for, that's why Indianapolis launched him. He needed certain $18 million in keeping with season, and Denver became the only team prepared to try this. besides, it does not have worked in San Fran for Manning besides. The clashing of egos between Harbaugh and Manning would have torn that team aside by way of mid season.

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    I really don't know, I like Hill more. Alex Smith is a bust.

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    determination. we're hoping that his lack luster effort over the years makes him get on his knees and hope he has a job in something that he's supposively got talent in doing all throughout his life...and no one wants to suck at life. that's just a horrible position to be put in.

    oh yea, and can we please have a strong enough offensive line this year? they're half to blame as well.

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    we don't. we know hill is gonna be the starter. I'd like to see some of those articles you're talking about.

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    because hes was the number 1 pick and they invested 25 mil on him.

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