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Hello, does anyone out there feel like sometimes some public school districts are worse than others. For example, Toledo Public Schools in Toledo, Ohio aren't really all that great but the charter and private schools tend to pay attention more to the students and have better teachers and better grades. Basically, do you feel a student has a better education at a public school or a private school? Or does it just depend on the individual school district?

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    Walnut Hills is supposedly the best school in Ohio and its public. It depends on the school not the district. It doesn't really matter if it is public or private. If their are more smart kids at the school then of course it means a better education. Why? There will be more funding for the school

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    I think a student can get a great education anywhere as long as they try their best. But without support from teachers, the student isn't going to do well. I like Detroit Public Schools because the teachers are experienced and they care about students. I went to a private school and the teachers cared about us but they seemed to have less experience. Although public school is pretty nice, we get money from the state and most of the people running the school system are greedy and they take away our money for their own personal use and the students come up short.

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    I think it's really hard to generalize it that way. I think it depends on the school district. Yes, private institutions are believed to be better in most instances because they have more money, which means better teachers, better resources, etc. However, from my experience, I've had the privilege to work in several smaller public schools that offered as good of an education as a private school. I really think it depends on the district, which of course is influenced by a number of factors, mainly economic status of the region, population, location, etc.

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    ive been in the same school my whole life im 15 but please hear me out!

    if you have a child put them in a private school up until middle school. if you feel comfortable with them there leave them there til high school.

    BUT high school you need to give them the option of leaving the school or staying

    my parents are making me stay til i graduate and last year when i was a freshman it was the worst year of my life, all of my friends changed there ways of being, and private school in high school has so much drama you would swear you were in a soap opraha

    just please listen to me and if you dont i respect that but that is a view of me and some of my friends who has been in the same private school since pre school

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