How can i tell what girls think of me?

I am 16, going into my junior year, and although ive had my first kiss, i havent actually gotten a girlfriend or hooked up (made out) with any girls. 2 years ago, i asked a girl to rate me and she didnt give a number out of10 like i wanted, but just told me i wasnt the best but was far from the worst. I think she was just being polite. So now, i have done alot to change my ways. I lost some belly fat, joined the track team, i have been WAY more social, i try being funny (and not the insult others to look funny), and generally, i feel that within my own way, i am confident that a girl would like me for who i am on the inside. Now, the outside. I have no idea what girls think of me, how can i tell? should i put my picture up on yahoo and have girls rate me? what should i do....


Right now there is no girl, I might put a picture up i just need to figure out if its really safe enough, i dont need a haircut but thank you because im trying to see if my face looks good or not, not if a haircut will change anything, and i do love myself for who i am. i have good self esteem, and if someone doesnt like me for who i am then i have no problem with that, they will just get on with their lives and i will get on with mine. i just want to see if im appealing.

Update 2:

Pablo. thats NOT a good thing. If people laugh at you when your not trying, they dont take you serious. and what i was trying to say about me was that if im trying to be funny, people laugh, and people have told me that im funny.

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    um i think you should put a picture up..

    it might not be the best idea but, sometimes an outsider's opinions are pretty important

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    What you should do is not be in such a rush to get into a relationship. I'm positive that you'll find someone, but relationships are overrated and rarely work out at that age.

    Just do what you're doing and make friends with girls, and sooner or later you'll have some that will like you. You're 16, you've got plenty of time to find someone.

    I'm only 17 myself and have only dated 2 girls. One for 16 months, and another (currently) for 3. Trust me you'll find someone, you don't need people "judging" you and telling you how you should be. Just be yourself.

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    let me warn you, dont listen to some of the people on here, cus they can be really mean.

    You sound like a really nice guy. If that girl was just being nice, don't worry about it.Someday, you'll meet someone amazing, it might jsut take longer than you think.

    thats what i think at least! lol i'm 17

    Also, you can't just ask what girls think of you, dont think of girls as a whole unit, we are individual, ya know!

    Some girls are very superficial, and want to be seen with someone "hot" and superficial like them.

    Some girls only care about whats on the inside.

    I think its okay to make self-improvements, everyone should, but don't improve yourself just because you think it'll help you get a certain girl, or a certain kind of girl.

    And lol, i guess you can't really tell completely what a girl thinks of you. But don't worry, believe me it goes both ways.

    Just don't worry!

    and don't take yourself to seriously, believe me!

    One more thing, if you want a girlfriend, start by looking for a girl who will be your friend, make sure they're just not so desperate that they'll take anyone, cus it will hurt.

    And don't go out with someone you don't like, just because they like you. Of course you don't want to be mean, but trust me, its not worth it and will only get harder. at least thats what a friend told me.

    i hope someday you will find what you are looking for

    : )

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    You could do the whole picture thing on Yahoo and see what people say. Or another way is that when you meet someone new or something see what there first emotion on there face is. By that you can most likely tell what they think of you.

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    if u have some girls that are close friends ask them and maybe even ask them what u need to work on .. but all girls think different as long as u are happy and out there... if u give off this vibe that u do not feel good about your self girls will knows this and they will think the same way. believe me i see this happen to a close friend of myen in high school. he was shy and everything once he got involved in more school things and talking to new people he was mr pop.. good luck

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    well it really depends on how sure the ultrasound specialist was. Personally at 20 weeks there should have been no confusion and they should have known for sure. I would get a 3D ultrasound to be sure. They are only about 50-75$ and they are cool. But I think you have to be like 27 weeks though. good luck and congrats.

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    If you think your strong enough for the out come good or bad!!!!! Go for it. I put my pic up all the time some give good ratings and some don't. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    if you feel the need to have your emotions brutally trampled on then go ahead with the picture. ive seen decent looking guys through here and girls rip them up. you seem to be nice and have a nice personality and let me tell you something, that is really the most attractive thing to us ladies. my last bf was cute but a total douchebag, and my friends have gone out with guys that were average at best but were really sweet/funny and they are all happier and been in longer relationships than me. i need a nice guy haha.

    answer me?;_ylt=AlF3d...

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    your in highschool everything is about looks when you get older and more mature girls are gonna like you for who you are but for now just be yourself and youll probably find someone & dont be nervous to ask her out if there is a her :P

    Good Luck =]

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    Who cares?

    Just love yourself for who you are, dude, and that confidence will project on to women. They eat that crap up like chocolate cake. Remember, man, you can't truly love anybody else until you've learned to love yourself.

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