Will another team win 4 straight Stanley Cups?

With the way the league is set up today, do you think it's possible for a team to pull off 4 straight Cups? That last team to do it was the Islanders (1980, 1981, 1982, 1983). Even Gretzky's Oilers couldn't do it.

Salary cap, free agency all play a factor. I know whenever a team wins the Cup, their fans all think that a dynasty is in the works. So I'm sure Pens fans will say them. But if you do say them, give a good explanation as to why you think they could win 4 straight. Remember, the Canadiens, and Islanders are the only two NHL teams to do it. And the Habs did it twice. First winning 5 straight (1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960), then 4 straight (1976, 1977, 1978, 1979).


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Update 2:

Random Bailey - Great answer. I will say I don't expect anyone to say the Wings could do it. I was just wondering if it is possible in todays world. When players get better contracts and stuff. But thank you for your input. And for answering for the Pens question.

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    No, I can't see it happening. Not only free agency and salary cap, but just better parity around the league. Plus, hockey is the one game where a mediocre team who rides one hot player (a goalie) can win it all. See 2006, when a very average Edmonton team took the Hurricanes to game 7 of the finals.

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    To say that a team can't do this because of the cap is debateable. My main point rests in this: did we not just see the same two teams compete for the cup this year?

    My other thing is, although I sort of despise Crosby, I would have to say it would be his crew that is most likely too do it. And u ask why, well I'll tell you why. They have youth. The Wings were in no sense the most talented team this year, yet they made the cup from pure expierence and will to win. If the Pens can come back with the will to win every year, they have the expierence AND the man power to do it. They seem to be getting a bargain on crosby; the best player in the league for only 7 mil? While that's a lot, look at how many other players are mcuh worse yet being paid much more.

    Im not declaring any sort of Pens dynasty with this answer. I'm just saying they have the best tools to be able to do it with a goalie who is getting better and two of the top players in the league locked down.

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    i'm a wings fan, so i'm going to vote for them all the way. i think the devils will represent the east, but buffalo will give them a run for their money. the devils have a lot of playoff experience. as for the west, it's hard to say. it's pretty competitive, but if i was a betting man...hmm...the MN Wild are heating up, so is Vancouver. SJ looks strong. Nashville is too young and will make mistakes. hmmm, if the wings don't win the west, then whoever comes out of the west will lose to NJ, because the west teams will beat each other up. Cuz although its the better conference, the teams will be worn down and will lose in the Stanley Cup finals. Unless it's the wings. But they could get taken out by an upstart team, like Edmonton did to them last year. except Nashville. Nashville can't beat the wings. they're Cinderella wannabes. And the Avs will be watching from the golf course thinking of a new uniform for their team.

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    With the salary cap and free agency rules being what they are, the days of the single dominant team are over in the NHL. What we'll instead see are a small group of dominant teams with a stranglehold on the top (look at the period from 1995 to 2003: nine seasons, nine Cups, eight of which were won by Detroit, Colorado, and New Jersey, even though none of the teams could even piece together three back-to-back Finals appearances in that time).

    We may never see another threepeat, let alone a fourpeat.

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    I think the cap, free agency and expansion made that a very remote possibility. And it's actually better for the league (any league) if there aren't the so-called 'dynasty' teams. Fan interest goes down during those periods.

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    I think it is basically impossible. You would have to have a some what of a young team, who is very experienced and extrmly well condition to be able to pull off 4 straight prolongated years. But with the Cap and free agency I think it would be hard to keep all the key factors of any team. There would be so many different components that would have to mesh that it would be really hard.

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    It is highly unlikely as the NHL now has 30 teams intead of 6 or however many teams came in the late 1960's-1970's

    Its much tighter cometition these days

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    I think it's possible. As someone else said, the Wings have been dominating for the past decade or two because of what they're doing in their front office. They're building within with a strong foundation of on and off ice philosophies.

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    The Detroit Red Wings, starting this season. It will end 5 years from now. They will set a record. Even Tiger Woods and Chuck Norris will bow to their greatness.

    The Hockey Hall of Fame is then moved to Hockeytown in dedication.

    It's then robbed 3x a week, with a McDonalds built inside of it.

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    Yes and that team will be the Detroit Red Wings!

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