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just found out that my bank account has a levy on it from a credit card company.?

I would have preferred a garnishmnet of wages. Everyone keeps telling me that they thought that only the IRS did that. Anyway, I'm terrified. Don't know what my rights are or even if I have any. I am currently laid off. They refused payments and I don't have $3000 to give them all at once. Now I won't even be able to pay basic bills if they take my entire unemployment check when it comes. What can I do?

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    apparently they got a judgment against you. and it would seem the only thing they could lay their hands on, of any value in your name, was your checking account.

    unless you can make arrangements for the employment check to be mailed and not direct deposit you are pretty much up the creek with that account. they can't take the money it's just you can't get to it either.

    you can always open another account but it won't take them long to find that too. if you can just get the check and cash it you would at least be able to control it. you might want to check at the employment bureau if they are within their rights to take your unemployment. all they know is it's money in your account, if it were a disability check that would make a big difference, perhaps this might too. it's a place to start anyway.

    good luck

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  • CatDad
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    If they served you a summons, took you to court and won a judgement, then yes they can freeze your checking accounts. If you had no prior knowledge of any lawsuit against you and this bank account levy came out of no where, then they probably served your court summons (deliberately) at an old/invalid address. This is a very common practice with debt collection attorneys.

    Your unemployment check cannot be garnished for credit card debt...even if they won a judgment.

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    they could suspect you of mendacity approximately your earnings. you relatively, relatively heavily could desire to get some debt counselling (financial ruin isn't particularly as effortless an determination as some will inform you) bypass on your close by credit union - they could no longer have the skill to teach you the thank you to straight away yet they are going to truthfully comprehend the place you will get suggestions.

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    If you are at your last with your creditors and honestly do not have sufficient funds to pay for them then file for bankruptcy.

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