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the silence is deafening,,from the white house?

not a word about obama's seiu thugs beating up a man at a townhall..the man was not even inside the event..he was passing out flags and buttons that said.."don't tread on me"..why?

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    Orders from the White House. The Messiah is apparently willing to ignore constitutional rights when someone dares to dispute or disagree with one of his dictates. In his own words, these people should just shut up, we are not going to listen to the people that caused the problem. If that's the case, then perhaps he should shut up, as the 3rd largest recipient of Fannie Mae funds leading up to the housing debacle. So, if you disagree, I guess the White House will send in Union and Acorn thugs to beat you up and silence your voice. And they are calling the protesters Nazi's?

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    All I saw in that vedio was a bunch of elderly white people trying to get in to a meeting and shut it down. They would not allow meaningful dialogue, they would not allow any evidence to be presented than theirs, and they were chanting what they were instructed to by the health care lobby.

    Obama want people to look at the evidence and not let government function from what came of bar room brawl tactics from people that do not like things such as Democracy.

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    Dont you know?

    The man must have been slandering Obamacare. He may have been fearmongering, by quoting Administration officials such as Dr. Ezekial Emmanuel (Rohms brother) that care should be rationed to the elderly, and denied to Alzheimers. patients. Or perhaps he quoted Obama advisor (and administration member) Blumenthal, who states that Obamacare should not compensate new state-of-the-art medical procedures becasue they are too expensive. And that research should be curtailed.

    NOW do you understand why they had to beat the crap out of him?

    And its not Obamacare anymore, Citizen. Its "Insurance Reforms", as of yesterdays public address. Did you pick up on THAT bit of sleight of hand?

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    It shows how the media is on Obama's side. If it was the other way around, it would be front page news on all the local paper.

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  • If you really investgate it I bet the Black Panthers had a part in it. Be prepared for Obama's SS gestapo.

  • Probably because they supported it. Obama told people to "hit back hard". Apparently, they took it to mean that assault was o-tay

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    We are being strong armed people, wake up.

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