whats the brightest h.i.d. i can get until its too bright and be illegal in california?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Technically they dont get brighter, just the output is different. What makes them illegal is when you dont have the cover over the front which makes them shine in every direction, however its the color that can get you harassed by the PD, I got pulled over for being too blue. Heres a chart that gives you an idea what colors give good outputs. Factory is 4300k and best output is between 4300k and 5000k. 5000k gives you much closer to white with a hint of bluse while 4300k is closer to yellow:


    One thing I noticed though is that the closer to yellow you get (like 3000k) the more reflective the light is to the pavement and you can see MUCH better but the MAJOR downfall is that the 3000k does not project very far, maybe like 50ft (just a number off the top of my head) while the 4300+ will go a few hundred.

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