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what are some good bunny names?

i have a girl bunny and ive had it for likr three months and i still cant think of a good names.

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    Buttercup, Beany, Munchy, Sprinkles, Sarah, Akeeta, Aphrodite, Bluebell, Daisy, Jelly Bean, Maggie, Nalla, Queen, Raven, Roxie, Angel,Daffy, Skittles, Good Luck!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Not sure if it's a boy or girl bunny, but here goes - lots of unisex names here LOL! Have fun with your bunny :D Peter Rabbit Dandy Happy Hoppy Waddles Cookie Snookums Pancake Puffins Lambchop Jumper Hop-Along Cadbury Chubbs Darling Babs Bugsy Buffy Bugs Caramel Butterscotch Chico Cocoa Cinna Bunn Cupcake Cuddles Domino Daisy Cottontail Doodles Floppy Flopsy Fuzzy Gizmo Hip-Hop Hunny Bunny Karat Kicker Lucky Marshmallow Mopsy Mr. Fluffles Mr. Sparkles Mr. Velvet Ears Muffin Peepers Penelope Romeo Roxy Scamper Satin Sassy Schnapps Shotzie Sir Hops Alot Skittles Snowball Snowflake Snuggles Spunky Sugar or Sweet Suga Thumper Topsy Trinket Twinkle Velvet Whiskers Wiggles or Mr. Wiggles Ziggy EDIT: LOL! - someone suggested "go with the name of someone famous" - my kitten is "Syrah" & we call her "Syrah Jones" (like Star Jones) or "Syrah Jonas" (like the Jonas Brothers)

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    Fluffy,Hoppy(,Snowy,Snow White meant for white bunnies)Bouncy,Carrot,Carrot Top,(Chocolate,Cocoa Brown Bunnies)Happy,Poppy,Snuggles,Cuddles,Nibbler,Peanut,(Honey,Honey Buns for golden bunnies) Fangs,Biter,Shark Tooth,(it's cute because bunnies are cute and the names are scary),Sky Hopper,Sunny,Hope,Grace,Peace,Music,(for hippies)Sunshine,(Lightning if it's fast)Goldilocks,Promise Breaker,Heart Breaker,Cutie Pie,Princess,Flower,Brownie,or any character's name,like minnie.

    Source(s): i have imagination,gosh!
  • OhHey
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    1 decade ago

    depends what color is it?

    my bunnys name is brownie

    i had a bunny names snowball

    i also like the names:




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    I personally think this one is cute...

    Velveteen (ya' know, "the Velveteen Rabbit")

    Just for fun now...

    Blue (as in the ice cream "Blue Bunny")

    Bugs (Bugs Bunny)

    Source(s): used to have a white rabbit with red eyes years ago and his name was "Rudolph"....I called him "Rudolph, the red-eyed rabbit"....LOL.
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    1 decade ago

    What color/s is your bunny? Bunny Belle sounds cute.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Smudge, Lilly, Ally, Bubz. Poopy (hehe), GG.

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    I called mine Gizmo because she looks like Gizmo from The Gremlins.

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    flower, angel, baby girl, sam, jessica, anneliese, corie, ryley, hailey, ajene, cassidy, amanda, lauren, laura, barbara, catheren, ivana, lots of names work.

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