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Advice needed from third grade teachers!?

I moved to a different area a few years ago and have been trying since I got here to get a job in the public school system. I finally succeeded and have been given a third grade classroom. My background is in PreK and Kindergarten (I taught these grades for 8 years in another state). I have worked with inner city, affluent, and rural schools. I feel I have strengths in classroom management, writing, science, social studies, organization, and dealing with parents (both the easy and the difficult). I was so excited to get a job, but now that school will be starting in a week, I am looking for some help with the following issues.

My main concern is about reading. I am not used to teaching reading to this age level and do not really know how to start. I plan to follow textbooks, manuals, and lesson plans from the last year left in the classroom. Someone told me that you can't teach reading to this age group in small groups. I wonder, why not? So how to begin?

I know I have 19 students, 4 will be ESE (Special Education students) though I do not know in what areas, I will have an aide for 5 hours a day to help work with mainly the ESE students. My question here is what would you do with an aide for 5 hours if you had one or if you have had a similar experience? I want to use him or her to maximize learning among the students.

Lastly, I am wondering about 3rd grade students in general. They seem so old to me after working with the very young. Do they like to be treated like grownups? Do they like stickers? Are they still eager to please? I know these are silly things to worry about but I do not want to baby them and make them feel silly.

Thanks for the input and please feel free to give advice about anything 3rd grade related.

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    I've taught multi-age 1st-3rd for several years now and I also taught kindergarten. By far my favorite grade is 3rd. Why? Mostly they can read and read well. Their writing is fun to read and it is fun to teach them because they can try different skills. Lastly they are so independent but still love school.

    Yes, you will have to teach some small group especially in reading / spelling for 3rd grade. Whoever said that is a poor teacher. You have to. You might get kids that have early 2nd grade reading skills or writing skills. I do know that small group work in this grade isn't for every student necessarily. You will need to spend way more time with a certain group of kids(lower ones) way more than say the older ones.

    I suggest Fountas Pinnell Benchmarks book (brand new)- great resource because it pinpoints specific things to be taught in this age group.

    I use words their way for spelling / vocab study. Easy to follow workbooks that differentiate.

    I would use a writers and reader's workshop model for literacy.

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    I am not a 3rd grade teacher, but I am a teacher for 10 years now and think you are starting in the right place. Asking about other 3rd graders will help you a lot (It helped me when I went from 7th to 8th and that is only one year different).

    For teaching Reading I would get advice but also check out a couple of places I suggest below which may help you get a better feel...

    1. Check with your local library and ask what the hot books for 3rd graders are. Start reading them so you know what they are into. Get a range so that you know what higher and lower readers enjoy.

    2. Go to a teacher store and look at or buy some of the summer lesson books they offer (Like What every 3rd grader should know stuff) or other teaching resources that suggest they are for 3rd grade.

    3. Talk to the other 3rd grade teachers in your new school. They will help if you ask in a polite way.

    4. Check out They have thousands of lessons both for sale and FREE that might help guide you in your instruction.

    5. State websites for teachers/test score often give advice or tell what exactly a 3rd grade student needs to know. In Illinois the state board of education has power points that explain the tests and give advice on how to prepare students for them.

    Congrats on the new job!! You will be great with the attitude that you need to ask for help and keep learning. My guess is soon you will love this grade level.

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    I trust the technological know-how!! In my field, technological know-how is gold! I additionally took a portfolio with my resume (snapshot in nook), pattern lesson plans, pattern checks, pattern cooperative finding out routine, instructing philosophy, and so on. While a few principals won't seem at this as so much, there are a few that relatively wish to look what you're all approximately. Having this variety of know-how to be had is a main plus. You additionally need to manage inclusion disorders - are you inclined to paintings with detailed ed? What variety of additional-curricular routine are you inclined to sponsor? Dealing with detailed schooling is an obstacle - you regularly reply the query via making it transparent that you're inclined to paintings with all scholars. Also, you're inclined to paintings with the detailed schooling workforce to uncover the quality approach to instruct the scholars that want additional support. Be comfy to invite the interviewer their perspectives on instructing. What sort of help do they have got for brand spanking new lecturers, and so on. But do not be too inquisitive - exhibit you care however aren't traumatic and stylish on them. Hope this is helping! Interviewing is hard. Good success!!!

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