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    No matter what experience people have the truth is that "it is appointed unto man once to die and after death the judgement". I am glad that I have availed myself of the judgement Jesus took for me - He stood in my place so I am free. You can be too.

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    you're making an assumption on your reasoning technique right here...that if we don't bear in mind residing formerly we've been born into this physique we did no longer exist. I do agree that if existence keeps then it has consistently been, that existence is often existence and it won't be able to no longer be existence, and that there is usually a right here Now. I bear in mind Bob, formerly i substitute into born, I worked with souls that in simple terms surpassed to the spirit nation-states, ones that have been very perplexed and died awaiting of what that they had imagined would be there, helping them to regulate. I additionally bear in mind downloading myself into the physique, in spite of the undeniable fact that a area individuals keeps to be consistently interior the spirit nation-states, of which i'm additionally attentive to that too. I additionally can bypass some time past in time to many many lives and situations I truthfully have visited the earth and introduced on a bunch physique. Sorry to wreck it for you! I do agree that we ought to consistently appreciate each and each 2nd, as they'll bypass you by while you're no longer modern to journey them, on no account to return.

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    Source(s): Bible
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    I'm assuming some dead guy rose up from the ground and wrote whatever?

    NO ONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE. You can only think you know or wonder.

    I'm not going to that site by the way. It's too risky.

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    same experience happen in my aunt believe it or not they are not crazy there are many of them.

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    ,,,,is there pudding there?

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