what makes cyanobacteria bluish-green in color?


why re archaebacteria believed to be remnants of the first life forms on earth?

give at least 5 eubacteria and the corresponding disease each causes to man.


why are gametangia in the zygomycetous fungi designated as positive and negative strain?

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    Chlorophyll a and phycocyanin are the major pigments found in cyanobacteria producing the blue-green color.

    The archaebacteria resemble the oldest bacteria fossils in their size and shape.

    Zygomycetous fungi have two different mating strains to successfully produce a zygote (offspring). There is no physical difference in the structure of the gametangia so the easiest way to indicate the different strains is a plus sign or a minus sign. You could use any indicator you prefer.

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