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What do people in other countries think of our Health care issues here in the United States?

It is always good to have an outside opinion looking in.

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    We in Canada are generally quite proud of our universal health care system, even though there are problems that need to be addressed. With respect to the USA: IMO, it is Big Pharma and your health insurance companies that are stonewalling positive change. They are the ones who need their butts kicked. 46 million people without health care is appalling, along with over 100,000 personal bankruptcies a year for those who do have health care. In addition, the lobbyists for those two sectors have done a good job of presenting misinformation about universal health care. The idea that some government employee will dictate what sort of medical treatment you're going to receive is absurd. However, at the moment it seems that a person from the private sector representing insurance companies can dictate what sort of medical treatment you're going to receive. In the U.S. admin costs to maintain your current health care system is about 30 to 40 cents on the dollar. In Canada it is about 18 cents on the dollar. The statement that a universal health care system will increase costs is simply more misinformation.

    Americans really need to do their homework and stop getting sucked in by big business.

    BTW, I wish the U.S. well in this endeavour.

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    No, it's good to have an inside opinion looking out. The U.S. spends more in health care than any other nation but ranks poorly. We need to study countries at the top of the list in providing good, affordable health care to it's people but our government is too busy letting the tail wag the dog right now. Drug companies and health insurance companies have too much influence in this whole matter and that's why people are starting to riot at town meetings.

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    Here in Ireland we have problems with our health system. And when the news compares it to other countries, they say that we're becoming more like the USA where those who have money can afford better health care. So I guess the US has a public and private health service, those who can afford the private care gets the better service, those who have to go with the public system do not.

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