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i want to study at UH MANOA

My name is Mike and i am a senior from Kahuku High. I am a LET4 Cadet and i am a Captain. I am the commander of our ranger team and i am sure i do have good leadership. I really want to study at University of Hawai'i also the AROTC program. I havent take my SAT yet but i really want to ask: "what should i do to get into UH and join the AROTC program". Thanks a lot and please help me out

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    The bad news is, you can't apply to UH for their AROTC program; you'll have to get into UH first, and then join the AROTC program afterwards as one of your extracurricular activities. This means, you'll still need to take your SATs/APs, submit your academic records, get recommendations, and have extracurricular activities/leadership positions to present to UH.


    The good news is, AROTC is an EXCELLENT extracurricular activity. knowing how to fly is an awesome and unique skill, AROTC is an awesome organization to join, and being a Captain and a commander are awesome leadership positions. In addition, your AROTC program can provide you a solid recommendation, and you can contact the AROTC program at UH to see if they can work something out with the admission office to give you an edge to get in. There are never any guarantees in applying for colleges, but highlight your strong points to UH and I'm sure they will love you.

    Source(s): ex- AROTC Cadet from Det. 365 at MIT/Boston
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    well.. it's better for you to ask the same quetion at U.S. Yahoo answers. there will be lots of ppl have same goal that might help you more then here...

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