Any SSD user can tell me your opinion about SSD?

Any SSD user can tell me your opinion about SSD?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    SSD is real cool and is the new best thing.

    It has tremendous read speeds making your computer boot faster, makes your apps run very fast and what not...

    But wait... Every one knows the pros... Now the cons

    * Excellent read speed marred by terrible write speeds

    What does this mean to us... Since most of the apps determine read/write combo, we might find the whole thing not better than the regular HDD. So if your computer usage is limited to listening songs and watching movies, SSD is for you but do you really need that speeds

    *Finite read/writes only. But this limit exceeds a normal human capacity, but it makes sense to back up

    *Cost per GB - Extremely High.

    Make the calculation Cost Per GB for slow write speeds...

    My suggestion is wait till the next generation SSD is released.

    It should have superior read/write speeds

    Lower cost per GB

    Till that time use a 10K RPM Velociraptor or 7200.12 for Desktops, 7.2K RPM drives for laptops

  • 1 decade ago

    Its Fast as a Sata Hard Drive, but WAYYY Expensive.

    i missed my I7 upgrade for a SSD.

    but Values of Furry cons, Anime Cons, and Nvision Pictures are worth more than a i7 i can buy any time.

    only thing i dont like is that my Xaser case doesnt have a 2.5 inch bay i can put it in, i had to use double sided tape.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, wait. SSD is still in its infant stages, in other words, too much $$ for too little gain. unless you have the $$ to shell out to be part of the early adopter crowd, i would wait.

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