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Is religion like Dr. Frankenstein, thinking it is creating life but only succeeding in creating a monster?


Kali, my mother, my sister and my lover, destroying all Gods to free me from them and then cutting off her own head to free me from even her. True compassion and passion.

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    brilliant ... simply, brilliant

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    Look. I don't hail anything nor am I affected by what the newspapers tell me I should be astonished or sad about especially in matters of science. We do not know all the factors involved in making this life. We don't know the people or the philosophy behind their work or where the money came from to do so. The bottom line is that it appears to me this will be all about the money. And also we don't know who the competitors are to even try and do these things. Of course now a days there are no newspapers now that really do investigative reporting. Now they are all tabloids and creating attention getting headlines to pull readers in. Also no atheist should be happy about this because it shows, if this report is substantiated and really true. That it did take intelligence to create this life. That it was not an accident but it was done so by design, albeit human. The impact of the future? Look at what atomic energy and the creation of atomic bombs got us. I fear a more dangerous use for this kind of technology. The use for creating a human being. But it will not be the product of two human parents but of a substance like human genetic material. That will enable beings that are more spiritual than physical to be housed inside them and live here with man. We already know what happened in the ancient days of Noah to know what kind of relationship that created for both God and man. But all that is just me. And yes I am a futurist somewhat. I am fascinated with the possibilities out there that man can achieve. But only if governed from a moral framework that will serve both God and man. I could say more. We are not God. And if it got out of hand and it too becomes self aware like in the Terminator movie and it becomes some cubic borg like entity where it grabs all life forms to be part of it. Then I fear that what we hail today may be just us reopening up Pandora's box out of ignorance but so called scientists who were not guided by morality but by money. For it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Later.

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    To classify religion in general as "all of them are simply a bunch of cults" is the oversimplification of the millennium.

    In answer to the original question...interesting analogy. I think this is not an easy question to answer. But if we look a little under the surface we start to see the real intention in organized religion is the universality of belief. It attempts and disastrously so to tell us what and how to believe. Spirituality was and is intended to be very very personal.

    Even maybe especially so in the fanatically indoctrinated if you take two people who are members of the same religious organization with the same core beliefs and examine their dogmatics we see interpretation. And a large range of it.

    The old adage that no two people see the same thing the same way has never been truer than concerning religious beliefs. This can be proven out side of religion. Take two people and place in front of them a Rorschach card it must be the same card for both obviously. Record their observations.

    This was an interpretive example.

    Now place before them a picture of a dog any dog and record the observations. What you are going to find is that the two people see very different things in the pictures.

    Now take two new people and repeat the same experiment with the same materials only now define the images to the subjects. Tell them the Rorschach image as what you see and tell them the picture of the dog is whatever breed it is.

    Now ask them what they see. They will see what you define for them.

    What this proves is that we can tell people what to interpret. And by this we can define belief. So the answer to your question is a large and insidious yes.

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    Very well said Frankenstein's creation suffered Brain damage during it's construction and was unable to distinguish between right and wrong, many religious institutes were used by the wealthy for the purpose of the looking after the Brain damages or insane kids, so yes Brain damage leads the extremism leads to fanaticism leads to terrorism.

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    Wow! You think well Coyote :) !

    Yeah..religion or its enforcers are like a haughty and ambition driven man who cant realise that before the power, beauty and miracles of nature which is much higher and deep than anything they can percieve, thier own vision , efforts etc are a farce. They cant equal the truth but the beauty is trying to accept truth as it comes to you

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    Religion is only as good or bad as the followers make it.

    Dances, I've tried adding you back as a contact. I had to delete all my contacts and start over again because I was getting way too many violation notices. And I never get them, so it had to be someone who became a fan of mine. Anyway, now that is all over, I hope that you'll add me back :).

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    It is and it has and it will.

    I see that in Buddhism. I have been a monster myself.

    Padmakumara, my father, my lineage root guru, my saviour, my grand lord of the light, break through all religions, factions to free me from them and tell me that he too is a shell. True enlightenment and nirvana.

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    I have never heard a better metaphor for religion in my entire life. You, sir, win a pair of internets.

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    You try to make a statement instead of asking a question. As the comparison is absolutely nonsence my answer is: NO.

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    The thing about religion is that they are all just cults. It's how you perceive them that makes the difference

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    Yes, except that the monster is a fabricated idea.

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