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How can i dye my hair black using brown hair dye?

Ok, so my hair is like a icky gross dishwater blonde;; i absolutely HATE it! My mother said i can dye it all you blonde..or former blonde people out there, what brand and color of brown hair dye would turn out really dark., almost black looking? it would be HIGHLY appreciated., i will choose a best answer (so it isnt a lost cause) :D pleaseeeeee help me!!!


my mom wont let me dye it black, just brown (im gunna be sneaky and pretend it was an accident) lol., i know its immature...o well(:

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    hehe. being sneaky. i like it, lol

    okay, here's what you wanna use:

    Revlon Dark Brown. it tends to make it VERY dark.

    when i used it a couple years ago, it always turned it pretty darn black.

    good luck! =)

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    If your hair is virgin, meaning it has not been colored already, you can get that using color (dye). You don't have to use bleach. Contrary to other answers here, there is no dye that has bleach in it. Color and bleach are two entirely different things. If you use a brown color with a higher volume developer, 30 or 40, it will lighten your natural color 3-4 levels and deposit the brown (without using bleach). Also, once you lighten it to brown you will never start seeing your black hair through the brown color. It will have been lightened, your natural color pulled out, so there is no black hair anymore. If you bleach a black piece of fabric it doesn't turn black again, it's the same idea. If you already have color on your hair the only way to lighten it is to use bleach. Color cannot lift through color. It wouldn't have to be bleached to blonde though, just a few levels to the darkness you want and then colores over to even out the color and tone. Your hairdresser should absolutely be able to do this without doing highlights like in that first picture. If she/he tells you otherwise find someone who will do it the way you want it.

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    I feel like I'm talking to my daughter. By any chance, do you have really fair skin? Don't be surprised if black drowns out your face! Try a wig on first, if at all possible.

    Okay, trying to be impartial, my hair is very, very dark, and everybody says it's black, but it isn't! So go for the darkest one you find. Or, like I said, try purchasing a wig. You get away from risking damage to your hair, you can change it back when you're ready, and you can take it off to groom it perfectly! Good luck!

    PS This might be an unpopular answer, but just a thought: if you really do hate your haircolor, ask a color expert about the possibility of doing reverse coloring to your hair. It's where they make your natural haircolor look like the highlights. I'll show you ABOUT what it looks like...

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    I used Herbal Essences hair dye in a Chocolate colour. I can't remember the exact shade but it was pretty dark. It turned out a lot darker and ended up almost black. So, just go for a shade that looks just like a dark brown. Look at the side of the box that tells you what each hair colour will look like with the dye. It will help out a lot.

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    I would have to say that natural instincts is the healthies for your hair and if you buy two containers of the darkest brown you can find... your pretty much set :) sneaky is always the best way to go with parents that arent very open minded. good luck!!!

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    Hey thanks for answering my question! :) I know what you can do, use a powder hair color made from Henna, henna is healthy and good for your hair and always gets it dyed dark! Below is a link of different brands and prices to get you an idea of what to look for when shopping. Sallys beauty should carry henna hair color and so should many health food stores (paradice markets, annes, etc.) and any local Indian store will too. I've used henna before and I like it.

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    Just get a jet black hair dye.

    Or get any dark brown hair dye.

    DO NOT use Granier.

    Try loreal

    look through these colors & see what you like

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    i agree with crαzч вαвεч™ [FF5]

    use a really dark brown

    my hair color right now

    is like a DARK DARK violet purplish brown


    when im out of the sun its very dark brown

    and when im exposed to the sun my hair lights up as a violet purple color

    my aunt did my hair =)

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    Whenever I dye my hair, I use Natural Instincts. It really darkens my hair and it has vitamins C&E in it. I like the smell of it, too. :D

  • 1 decade ago

    haha. I know how u feel.

    just get the darkest brown hair dye that u can find :)

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