How to access facebook in china?

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  • yerl answered 5 years ago
Hey man,
They prefer this to proxies because it encrypts the connection and nothing leaks out of it. Giving them total security from the censors.
Link this ->

If you are just looking for a quick access and don't care about the rest these proxies get reset daily.

Keep in touch!
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  • Rastafari answered 5 years ago
    haha good luck with that I've heard about the great firewall of China:p, if it's blocked though maybe though proxy's such as but likely they will be blocked too, you can only try.
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  • Nan answered 5 years ago
    No proxies are really very good at all and they get blocked all the time as you probably know.

    Plus they have issues with many web site features.

    The number of proxies run by hackers is also growing daily and you risk your computer and more using one that claims to be anonymous.

    The only proxy I've found to be somewhat useful because it changes IP's daily is It is a limited proxy and only works with a few sites. But it seems to work most times and is safe to use.

    The better approach is the Personal VPN which unblocks everything, encrypts your entire connection for security, and doesn’t get blocked daily.
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  • Random answered 5 years ago
    try ( add s after http ) to see if it works because my school blocked this sites so I got it through with s in )
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  • King Jeremy answered 5 years ago
    is face book blocked? normally you would access it the same way you would anywhere. you're on yahoo, type facebook in the search bar and it should come up unless it's blocke. there is the great fire wall of china. i never hit it when i was in china i dont think. i even tried to search tienemen square and falun gong. some info did come up on them and from news stories in the west.
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  • Cockasaurass answered 5 years ago
    go to ******* retarded dumb bimbo
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