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I have questions about Highshool Football team, Please answer?

Hi !

Im a incoming freshmen and im going to join the football team.

and Football is a pretty new sport to me i have some questions.

If i joined the team, during the very first game, do everyone get to play at least once?

and if I miss first 4 days of practice( the very first one), will i get disadvantages? (because i have family plans)

pls answer..




And Im 6 feet and 183 pounds..

any good positions for me?

and since i dont no anything about Football tell me the rules for the position u recommend.

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    Depending on your coach, he might play everyone at least once, but it is highly unlikely at the high school level.

    As far as missing the first four days of practice, I would really suggest not missing them if you want to play at all. Missing practice can have serious effects, and the very first ones are terrible to miss.

    For a position, i would suggest something like Tight End or Half Back for offense, and probably corner back or linebacker for defense.

    Tight End: May have to block, and may have to run out into a receiving position to catch a ball.

    Half Back: Running back, you are lined up behind the quarterback and are the key component of the running game.

    Corner Back: Covers the opposing team's wide receivers, and sometimes blitzes in on the quarterback.

    Line Backer: Right behind the defensive line, you are a main component in stopping the opposing team's running game, as well as blitzing the quarterback and occasionally dropping back into coverage.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Man... there sure are alot of things left out here. First of all, freshmen never really get to play in games, usually in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. Missing practice isnt going to help either.

    As for the position, you never really told me whether your more of a strength guy, a speed guy, or a kicker. Juding bu your size and weight you seem like you would be (assuming your fast), a runningback, wide reciever or , if your not so fast but are strong enough, a tight end(half wide reciever, half lineman). you just gota find out what your best at and use it to find your niche position

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    I'm not sure where you play football but i just graduated from a school in Ohio and there's not a chance i would've played joining so late. As far as positions it depends your speed and whether you're done growing or not. wide receiver could be a good position. In most cases the wide receiver is involved in pass receptions and blocking for the running game. You'll need to be able to run nice routes and make quick decisions.

    Good Luck!

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    Severely disadvantaged. Maybe play Defensive Back, start watching football, reading about football, doing everything about football. Gain some weight, muscle, not fat. Maybe its not a good idea to play if you dont know the rules though. And only people who practice, and are good will usually play...if your coach wants to win that is, and that is what any game is about.

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    In highschool athletics the coaches don't have to play you by any means, and yes. If you miss even a few of the first practices they will hold it against you unfortunately.

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    Missing practice is never good, but you are a big kid. No, everyone does not get to play, you may be placed in the third string.

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    well your coaches will try to get everyone in but sometimes you wont. it depends how bad your team is duing and if you miss the first 4 days your coaches will prolly get mad but they will forget about by the the season starts so you will be fine.

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    from your complete lack of football knowledge i am going to suggest trying out for left bench

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    Good Lord!!!

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