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Where are all the places you've visited?

These are the cool places I've been to:

British Columbia, Canada

(Kelowna, Victoria, Kamloops)

Yukon, Canada

(Carcross, Near Whitehorse, Carcross Desert)

Washington, USA

(Bellingham, Redmond)

Caribbean Islands

(San Juan, St Thomas, St Maarten)


All over


All over

Quebec, Canada

(Quebec City, Montreal)


(Frankfurt, Munich)



Florida, USA

(Miami, Orlando)

Alaska, USA

(Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sawyer Glacier)


Update 2:

SCUBA: You've been to San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten? Don't you think they're great?

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    I live In Huntsville Alabama

    Been to 40 states

    Germany-All over

    Ireland-All over

    Austria-All over

    Switzerland-All over

    Italy-Rome, outskirts

    France- the countryside, not paris

    Egypt- Alexandria and Cairo

    Bahamas- dumb cruise

    Mexico twice- Mexico City, all over the country, Chilapa

    Source(s): I'm 17
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    Las Vegas must be sad it is not the weirdest. They try so hard to be ... yet I visited a friend who lives there and it is mainly the visitors that support the weirdness there. Locals avoid the BIG casinos. Guanajato does have amazing mummies, but apart from that, the town is very welcoming to tourists, not weird. I have been to about 25 countries and looked for not-your-normal-tourist locations. The WEIRDEST place I went to was: Luckenbach, Texas (about 50 miles west of Austin) it had a population of 3 during the week (and 2 of them were dogs), but 200 on weekends. Basically, Luchenbach is a pub where country music parties hard. I heard they also have armadillo races. In Australia, driving across the Nullabor is an experience. It has the longest stretch of straight road in the world. When you drive at night, you see a motorcycle coming towards you ... 40 mins later, you realize that there are 2 headlights, 20 mins after that, you pass the truck that was coming at 70 + miles/hr. They are about to open a golf course crossing two time zones and stretching 848 miles. (See link below)

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    In the US:

    Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, California

    States where I've only been to an airport:

    Georgia, Texas

    Other countries:

    Canada (Ontario), Mexico (Tijuana), Costa Rica

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    British Columbia, Canada

    (Chilliwack, Rossland, Kimberly, Kamloops, Vancouver, Fraser Valley)

    Alberta, Canada


    Saskatchewan, Canada

    (Moose Jaw, Regina)

    Ontario, Canada

    (Sudbury, Temiskaming, Mattawa, Balsam Creek, Feronia, North Bay, Barrie, Trenton, Borden, Ottawa, Kitchener, Cambridge, Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Wiarton, Niagra Falls, Toronto... Okay probably every city, town, hamelet, hiway. Ha, I live in Ontario.)

    Quebec, Canada

    (Montreal, Qubec City, Tremblant, Everywhere around there.)

    New York, USA

    (Darien, New York City)

    Yeah I haven't really lived. But my dad has. Haha.

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    Georgia, USA

    (Cataula, Columbus, Atlanta[Just the airport and the freeway], West Point, LaGrange and more probably)

    Alabama, USA


    Nevada, USA

    (Las Vegas)

    California, USA I actually live here, but I've been all over...

    (Cities that are more than 2 hours away, Bakersfield, Sacramento, Monterey Bay[may or may not be 2 hours away. I was 7 so I don't know])

    Local towns I've been to:

    Hayward, Oakland, Richmond, San Jose, San Fransisco, Davis(well about an hour and 45 minutes away), San Leandro(where I actually live)and way more.


    (Houston, only in the airport)

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    California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, Washington DC, and Georgia.


    Puerto Vallarta


    British Columbia and Alberta

  • Atlanta,Georgia


    Canada,Niagara Falls

    Tampa,Fort Myers,Sarasota,Port Charlotte,Florida


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    New Brunswick, Canada (all over)

    Prince Edward Island, Canada (all over)

    Nova Scotia, Canada (all over)

    Quebec, Canada (Quebec City)

    Ontario, Canada (Toronto)

    Maine, USA (all over)

    New Hampshire, USA (Salem, coastal area)

    Massachusetts, USA (Boston area)

    Rhode Island, USA (all over)

    New York, USA (NYC)

    Florida, USA (Orlando, Tampa)

    Georgia, USA (Atlanta)

    Czech Republic (Prague)

    Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome, Tuscany, German-speaking area in the far north)

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    I've been to alot of places!! =D

    Bahamas- nassau, new providence, and the paradise islands

    Jamaica- Kingston

    Puerto RICO- San juan

    Dominican republic-santo Domingo



    The British virgin islands

    Cayman islands


    Saint lucia






    Cape town

    Many many states

    My Family LOVES to travel!

    So do I!!!

    Source(s): travel experiance =D
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    New buffalo, Michigan

    Chicago, illinois

    Oak park, Illinois

    Park ridge, Illinois

    Aurora, Illinois

    More in illinois i can't remember

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Somewere in arizona near las vegas

    Brookston, Indiana

    Michigan city, Indiana

    tampa, Florida

    orlando, florida


    wisconsin dells,Wisconsin

    Somewere in iowa and thats all i remember (:

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