Have you ever seen the 1984 film, "Why Me"? with Glynnis O'Conner and Armand Assante?

And do you know where I can purchase it? I called all video stores in town and they do not carry it. I have also been on the internet to try to see who may have it but no luck. Please help, it is a great movie, won an emmy and I'd like to show my Military children. Thank you so much, I appreciate you. ♫

Made for television, Why Me? is the true story of Air Force nurse Leola Mae Harmon (Glynnis O'Connor), whose face is all but destroyed in a head-on automobile accident. As Leola recuperates in a military hospital, her will to live is seriously tested, not only by her shattered face, but also by the loss of her unborn child and the breakup of her marriage. The one person who refuses to feel sorry for Leola -- and who, in fact, admires her spunk -- is dedicated plastic surgeon James Stallings (Armand Assante). Persuading Leola to allow him to rebuild her face, Stallings puts his patient through 40 operations in the next four years. Understandably, the film's dramatic impact is greatest in the early sequences, wherein actress O'Connor, her face obscured by bandages (and by Michael Westmore's disturbingly realistic, Emmy nominated makeup), must convey her thoughts and moods through her eyes, her body language, and an occasional incoherent grunt. Why Me? originally aired March 12, 1984, on ABC. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Watch it if you ever get a chance. I promise you won't regret it.

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    The movie sounds very familar.I'll keep my eyes open for that movie on tv. Have you checked Amazon.com to see if you can order that movie? I found some really older black & white movies via Amazon.com that no one else had. If you shop at Sam's Club, it may be worth it to look for it there. They carry a lot of older movies as well as the newer ones. Good luck!

    edit: I went to my Google browser bar & typed in:

    tv movie/1984/glynnis o'connor/armand assante & it took me to a page, where I clicked on the first link. It mentions Glynnis O'Connor's name. It then took me to a site, where you can purchase the movie. It wasn't the first link. I scrolled down to "Why Me" clicked on that link, & it'll take you where you want to go to buy the DVD/VHS.

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    No I haven't seen it but it sounds interesting. Armand Assante Yummy!!!

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    Why Me Film

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    Why Me Movie

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