does anyone know german..? if so can you tell me a few words please?


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    I know some German! Here are some phrases:

    Hallo = Hello; pronounced /hah-loh/

    Guten Morgen = Good morning; /goo-ten-more-gen/

    Guten Tag = Good day; /goo-ten-tahk/

    Guten Abend = Good evening; /goo-ten-ah-bent/

    Gute Nacht = Good night; /goo-tә-nahkht/

    Wie geht's? = How are you?; /vee-gayts/ (said to someone you know, or a child)

    Wie geht es Ihnen? = How are you? /vee-gayt-ess-ee-nin/ (said to someone you don't know, an important authority, or an elderly person)

    Ja = yes; /yah/

    Nein = no; /nine/ (pronounced just like the English "9")

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? = Do you speak German?; /shprekh-en-zee-doytsh/

    Ich spreche Deutsch. = I speak German; /ikh-shprekh-ә-doytsh/

    Ich spreche kein Deutsch = I don't speak German; /ikh-shprekh-ә-kine-doytsh/

    Those should be enough to get you started. If you want, I can teach you German through e-mail. I've been studying it for a few years, and know quite a bit about it. Well, hope this helps! Tschüs!

    NOTE: Tschüs can be found on an online translator (like Google). This symbol: "ә", sounds like a caveman's grunt (sort of).

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    Since I don't know where you're at I bring you a few words in 17th century German. It's a lot of fun for an advanced class recital!

    Ich wurde durch Feuer wie Phoenix geborn/

    ich flog durch die lüffte, wardt niemals verlorn/

    ich raißt übers wasser, ich raißt übers landt/

    von solchem Umbschwärmen macht ich mir bekandt/

    was oft mich betrübet und selten ergetzt/

    was war das? Ich habs in dies Buche gesetzt/

    damit sich der leser gleich wie ich itzt thue/

    entferne der Thorheit und lebe in Rhue.

    (Hans Jacob Christoph von Grimmelshausen)

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    a million) Wovon : whereof, from what, from which two) Anschauen : to appear at sth., to observe schauen : to appear, to peer three) Eben : simply, now four) Besuchen : to seek advice from, to wait, to peer sb.

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    Welche worten du denkest um?...

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