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How were Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin alike and how were they different?

Give me some reasons on how they were similar and how they were different cuz Michael Jackson loved Charlie Chaplin. That was his idol and he dressed up like him in photoshoots sometimes and sang his song "smile". In what ways do you think MJ was like Charlie and in what ways do you think they were different? I'll give you some of my reasons once I see some of the answers.


Okay I'll tell you my answers


Both wear hats

Both are gentlemen

Both are funny

Both are rich

Both are very entertaining and fun to watch

Both worked very hard

Charlie likes classical music. Michael Jackson does too

Both love kids and animals

Both are a "ladies man"

Both are very adorable and lovable

Both are good in front of the camera

Both like fantasy

Both are very nice and like to help people who are poor

Both want world peace and racism to end


White male/black male

Michael Jackson is 5'10 Charlie is only 5'5"

Charlie doesn't dance well

Charlie Cant sing well

Michael Jackson was more of a dancer and singer not an actor even though his only movie length film was "The Wiz"

Both died at different ages "88" and "50" yrs old

Michael Jackson grew up famous and rich.

Charlie Chaplin was poor when he was a little boy

Charlie Chaplin is british

Michael Jackson is American

Charlie Chaplin is an only child but he has a half brother.

Michael has 8 other siblings

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    They are alike because they were both great at what they did and were an inspiration to many people.

    They were different to eachother because Michael Jackson sang and danced where as Charlie Chaplin did movies.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson & Charlie Chaplin Legends forever!

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    Both started off as child performers

    Both were musicians

    Both were humanitarians

    (charlie helped out ppl without homes during ww1 i think or ww2)

    Both had a musical/perfomer family

    (charlies father died of alcoholism)

    Both were pioneers and innovators in their goals

    Both were extremely famous and well known

    Both had their trademark clothing

    Both were married involved with many young women through-out their lives

    Both died in their sleep

    R.I.P. MJJ and Charlie Chaplin

    EDIT* ohhh lolz i 'm too late to answer this que, u already explained bad

    Edit* I don't think MJJ died in his sleep since one of my contacts told me. I think i'm wrong bout that. cuz i thought he suffered cardiac arrest while he was sleeping or should i say under that dirprivan anesthetic he was unconcious

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    Charlie Chaplin can't sing or dance

    Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin both are rich

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    Both human and both born males.


    Charlie Chaplin did not molest little boys or have surgery to become a different race.

    Michael Jackson molested little boys and tried to go from black to white through surgery.

    Charlie Chaplin was not a weirdo. Michael Jackson was a weirdo!

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    both are old

    Charlie was good and kind

    jackson was not

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    they're both dead

    Chaplin, didn't pay a kid $20 million dollars

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