Does the Scion TC come in a supercharged version or do you have to buy the TRD supercharger from toyota?

I've seen some scion TCs that have a TRD supercharger. Does the scion come like that from the dealer or do you have to buy the supercharger separately?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you order the tC you can order it with the TRD Supercharger and they will deliver it and the S/Cer will share the same warrenty as a new car (3 year warrenty)

    You can get it seperate as an "add on" option, and if you have, for example: 2 years remaining on your warrenty for the car, the S/Cer will share the same 2 years. If you have no warrenty then the S/Cer only gets the 1 year warrenty from TRD only, NOT Toyota.

    But its to late for the S/Cer, it has since been discontinued since March 09, and is no longer available. You may still be able to find a new one, but it will cost you around 5K for a new one for 07+ models. and 2500 for 05-05 models... Then theres instalation.

    Then theres the option of getting a used one. But for the 07+ models its best to get a turbo for that kind of money, because you get more horsepower for the same amount of boost as the S/Cer. Besides to man people have had problems with the S/Cer....

    So pretty much seperate after vehicle purchase or installed before vehicle delivered.

    Source(s): 05 Scion tC owner.
  • 4 years ago

    do no longer waste your funds on the TRD supercharger. Its poorly designed and unreliable. I had an 05 tC SC that had the two between the easy problems with the supercharger. - SC #one million. The pulley ingredient bracket broke after approximately 15k miles and that they replaced the completed supercharger because of fact Toyota basically sells finished kits. - SC #2. It substitute into replaced with the redesigned version with lots bigger brackets for the compressor and pulley and that i substitute into informed that it substitute into lots extra ideal than the unique one. In my case my extra ideal meant it lasted an entire 10k miles formerly the compressor ingredient bracket broke which led to the bearings to sieze up. Then what substitute into left of the interior the supercharger ended up interior my engine all in a count of a pair of mile. guarantee lined the supercharger yet no longer the engine even however there have been bits of metallic throughout interior the intake hose and throttle physique. the unique supercharger's have been outfitted by Vortech (with some Toyota packaging help). Vortech makes good stuff and has lots of journey with superchargers which makes this entire ingredient extremely wonderful. the undertaking lies in putting the pulley on the top of a 2' long shaft inflicting extremely some rigidity on the brackets and bearings. thank you Toyota for doing this form of undesirable packaging interest. presently the broken ones are rebuilt by Magnussian yet that does no longer something for the unique layout subject. placed the comparable funds right into a high quality turbocharger which will make extra ability and final better than 15k miles formerly it breaks.

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