Should I give my 9 year old an allowance for doing chores?

My son is 9 years old and says to me he deserves an allowance and that all his friends get one for doing chores. personally I feel that chores are part of maintaining a house hold and part of living in that house is maintaining the house and should be every ones part. looking for suggestions

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    1.) A child should help around the house and learn that not all work has a monetary reward.

    2.) A kid should a set amount of money to save or spend as they see fit.

    Therefore, in my opinion, money should be given without having to be earned but chores should be done without parents having to pay.

    Money isn't the only motivator but kids do need to get some experience in managing it while they are still kids.

    I like that idea of $20 a month, no matter what.

    I also like the one that said house work shows pride in family. If he lives alone, he will clean, wash dishes cook. He will do it if he lives with you too. Work is a fact of one will ever pay him to make his bed or wash the dishes or dump his trash in the real world.

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    I don't believe you should reward something that is mandatory. However, I do think that if he goes beyond his chores or perhaps does things before being requested to, maybe then you could reward him for that. Every child does need some sort of incentive at times and maybe seeing that he is rewarded for going above what is expected he learns to take initiative as well. The only thing I would also recommend is not buying everything for him if you decide to give him an allowance. He should learn how to manage his money as well and realize that he should not blow his money and then wait for you to buy everything else he wants. Maybe you can sit down with him and give him some options that will work for both of you.

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    My sister is nine, and what we have is a "chore chart". I made up a table on Word with the list of about 15 things we need to do, then a box for each day of the week, and when we go it we check it off. My mom gives us about 10 cents a chore, so if we don't do as much as we did last week, we don't get as much money. By the way- I'm 12.

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    The two should not be combined. If your son has chores to do he should be taught that everyone in the family has to help out at home. He should not be paid to help at home.

    All children should get an allowance. 9 is a good age to start. An allowance should be given to teach children how to save money, how to budget, etc. If you give an allowance it should not be withheld as punishment.

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    YES. Allowance = motivation. It's not a bad idea. When kids are that age, they're not worried about maintaining the house. They towards a reward for helping mom out. Do it.

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    Do not spoil her.

    I never got an allowance.

    I'm 12 currently. But we also

    Don't have the money to pay me

    For some stupid reason. If you want

    to give her an allowance, give her one

    monthly, give her like 20 dollars every

    month, maybe at the most 35 or something.

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    Give him 20 dollars a week. Then charge him for the food he eats, rent, clothing and anything else he needs. When he ends up in the whole at the end of the week tell him your willing to let it slide because hes a good kid and you like having him around.

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    you could always do what my parents did their were 4 kids in the house, we got an allowance but we were only allowed to spend it on things we needed if their was any left over after that we were allowed to put it up and save for something we wanted as long as my parents approved of what ever it was. we were also not allowed to buy toys with it.

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    No. That is you should not give him an allowance for doing chores. An allowance in itself is okay though.

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    i have a 9 yr old daughter,her chore is to keep the bathroom clean and wash up the dishes 3 times a week.i give her 2euro for doing jobs like vaccuming or dusting.thats more than 4euro a week.

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