A few questions about the University of Michigan...?

First, do you think I could get in? I'm going to be a junior at a very good public high school. I have a weighted GPA of 4.57. I normally get all As. I'm anticipating a 1800-2100 on the SAT. I'm also doing the IB diploma. I'm kind of an art freak, and will hopefully get a scholarship for it. On the other hand, I'm not very involved in out-of-school activities other than art and required things for the IB diploma.

Next, what is social life at U of M like? Are sororities and fraternities a big deal there? Is it a "party school"?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're in state you will definitely get in if you get a 1900+ with your GPA, but even if you get an 1800 you would probably get in. I've visited U of M and it can be somewhat of a party school. Like any college, you can find a group of friends if you're not into partying, especially at a school the size of Michigan (over 26,000 undergrads)

    There are sororities and fraternities, but I wouldn't say they're a huge part of campus life. They're there if you're into it, but if not, it won't be forced upon you or anything. Look into applying to the school of art and design, that way it will be easier to make friends with similar interests.

    Also, there are special residencies like houses where you can only speak Spanish (and other languages), substance free, single sex, etc. Michigan is a great school and I highly encourage you to visit any college you're considering applying to to know it's right for you. Good luck!

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