Are baitcasting reels the best reels for bass fishing?

I see whenever people are bass fishing on t.v. they always use baitcasters are they the best bass reel or can I keep using my spinning combo?

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    Actually, Pro fishermen all carry spinning outfit's in their boats. Most use them for lighter tackle situations.

    Once you master a baitcasting outfit it will offer you MUCH more control & accuracy in casting than a spinning outfit. However, it takes time to learn.......

    Baitcasting Pro's and Cons?


    1. NO LINE TWIST- Even the BEST spinning reel will twist your line causing snarls and loops. Because baitcaster's are essentially just a "winch" they don't create loops in your line.

    2. Larger diameter line- You can use heavier lines easier with a baitcaster. Heavier Mono lines (with higher diameter) floats higher in the water column, (due to "drag") than any other line. This can be esp good for a variety of Bass fishing techniques including Topwater fishing, larger Swimbait fishing, large Soft Plastic fishing, Spinnerbait's, Etc.

    Because of this, being able to use (say) 14-17LB Mono line can completely change the "depth dynamic" of a larger lure over 3/8-3/4 OZ.

    If you tried spooling 14-17LB Mono reel on a small freshwater spinning outfit it would not work.

    3. Heavier Action Rods- Baitcasting outfit's can be VERY stout, (compared to spinning outfit's). And there are tried & true Bass fishing techniques that require a heavier action rod, (such as "Flippin & Pitchin"). Trying to find a spinning rod with enough backbone to do certain Bass fishing techniques can be tough.

    4. Control and accuracy- Like I said above- Once you master a baitcaster you can cast VERY accurately to structure.

    Baitcasting Cons-

    1. Mastering Baitcasting- Learning how to successfully use a baitcaster is not a 1 day affair. You will have to practice and practice before you get even close to mastering.....

    Most people who start baitcasting tend to quit because they have no patience. If you make the effort and practice, you will slowly realize how important baitcasting is to Bass fishing.....

    2. Light lures and lines- Baitcaster's are designed to cast lure weight's from 1/4 OZ and UP. Anything under 1/4 OZ is best left for lighter line and a spinning outfit. Also, baitcaster's tend to perform BEST when using line diameter's from 10-17LB , (and UP).

    3. The famous Birds Nest- Yes, you will experience one of these. And YES it stinks. But, as you improve your casting skill they happen less and less. And in my opinion, a Birds Nest is STILL not half as bad as a spinning reel snarl! (lol)

    Hope this helps? Good fishing.

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    You can keep using the spinning combo. I f you start getting into pitch and flipping heavy cover or going after larger bass I would use a bait caster. I have 3 bait casters and 2 spinning combos and I use the spinning reels for lighter lures and to drop shot and shaky head techniques. You do need to learn how to throw a bait caster effectively but I just practice in my yard with a 1/2 oz worm weight. The do make spinning reels that handle heavy and braided line. Go with what works for you. I like to watch fishing shows but don't fall for the product pushing. I have $300 bait casting combos but I seem to catch a lot of fish on a $20 Shimano spinning reel with fiberglass rod my dad bought me in 1982.

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    Bait casting reels take some skill to learn. They are very effective for certain techniques. It is all about the style you like and your experience.

    I fished with a guy in a tournament who is very successful and he has never owned a bait casting reel.

    If you do use a bait caster make sure to set the tension so that the reel does not allow the line to bunch up.

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    I dont think thiers a best. But most of the pros use baitcasters. I personally took a long time to get used to using them. And i still use my spinning reels alot too. So its what ever you prefer

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    the best is what works for you.

    with most of my fishing, a b/c outfit is best. l get better accuracy, a better drag, more distance and have more control over my lure or fish with a b/c. the majority of the lures l cast are 1/4oz. l have been using baitcasters for so long that fishing a worm or pop-r is awkward with a spinning outfit. most spinning rods (l did not say all) don't have enough backbone to set the hook well with most soft plastics and plugs.

    l still use spinning with bait.

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    u can use lots of reel s for bass but they pretty much use baitcasting for everything on tv im not sure y but i think its becuase if there the rele good like 700$ they r the best bit sure use ure spinning if u want to especially if ure using light baits

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    i think the biggest reason kevin van dam and others us baitcasters is because 1 they are sponsored and the reel company gives them their best reel to use and advertise and two they use a lot of jigs..but me and my cousin use spinning for all our fishing just because its so much easier and you dont have to worry about a whole bunch of bird nests in the line

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