Opinions on baby names, please?

These are just some of the ideas we've had. What do you think?


Nicholas (Nick) Alexander

Andrew Ryan

William (Billy) Kenneth

James Bradley

Rhett William

Adam Robert

Evan James

Henry Lee

Colby Luke

Daniel Edward

Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thomas) Stephen

Samuel (Sam) Christopher

Jeremy James

Ian Michael

Jack Andrew

Wheeler Michael

Gunner Joseph


Madeleine Mackenzie

Juliet Eleanor

Lucy Rose

Ava Jane

Natalie Clare

Maura Katherine

Sophia Louise

Audrey Grace

Grace Elizabeth



EDIT: I know many of these are kind of old fashioned. I've got two main reasons for it:

A) Traditional names are more durable than trendy names. I want something that will suit my son/daughter whether they're 5, 15, or 50.

B) Some of these are family names. Robert, Stephen, Louise, and Mackenzie are all family names, for example. I would never give my daughter Louise as a first name, though : ).

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    Nicholas Alexander- Its cute, but I dont like Alexander.

    Andrew Ryan- See above. But I love Ryan, and I love Drew.

    William (Billy) Kenneth- I dont like either name, but I love Liam.

    James Bradley- I like it, but I think Brandley James is nicer.

    Rhett William- I dont really like it.

    Adam Robert- Its cute.

    Evan James- I love it.

    Henry Lee- I like Henry, but I dont like how it sounds with Lee.

    Colby Luke- Its cute, but Colby Lucas would be better.

    Daniel Edward- Its ok, but I dont really like it.

    Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thomas) Stephen- I love Thomas, but not Tom or Tommy.

    Samuel (Sam) Christopher- I dont like either name.

    Jeremy James- I love it.

    Ian Michael- I like it. Its cute.

    Jack Andrew- Its alright.

    Wheeler Michael- I love Michael, but not Wheels.

    Gunner Joseph- I love Joseph but not Gunner.


    Madeleine Mackenzie- I like it. I prefer it spelled Madalyn though.

    Juliet Eleanor- I dont really like it.

    Lucy Rose- I love Lucy but I hate Rose.

    Ava Jane- I love it, its beautiful.

    Natalie Clare- I love this also. But I would spell it Claire.

    Maura Katherine- I love Katherine but not Maura. Marie Katherine is on my list.

    Sophia Louise- Its so cute.

    Audrey Grace- I love it.

    Grace Elizabeth- Its beautiful.

  • m-m-m
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    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander - Love, 10/10

    Andrew Ryan - Like, 8/10

    William (Billy) Kenneth - Like, 7/10

    James Bradley - Love, 10/10

    Rhett William - Love, 10/10

    Adam Robert - Like, 8/10

    Evan James - Love, 10/10

    Henry Lee - Like, 8/10

    Colby Luke - Like, 7/10

    Daniel Edward - Love, 10/10

    Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thomas) Stephen - Dislike, 6/10

    Samuel (Sam) Christopher - Dislike, 6/10

    Jeremy James - Dislike, 6/10

    Ian Michael - Like, 9/10

    Jack Andrew - Like, 8/10

    Wheeler Michael - Dislike, 4/10

    Gunner Joseph Dislike, 4/10

    Madeleine Mackenzie - Dislike, 6/10

    Juliet Eleanor - Love, 10/10

    Lucy Rose - Like, 8/10

    Ava Jane - Love, 10/10

    Natalie Clare - Love, 10/10

    Maura Katherine - Like, 7/10

    Sophia Louise - Love, 10/10

    Audrey Grace - Like, 9/10

    Grace Elizabeth - Like, 9/10

    Nice names!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Boys: Andrew Ryan, Jack Andrew, or Adam Robert

    Girls: Sophia Louise, Natalie Clare, or Audrey Grace

    Good luck :)

  • Wow! Loads of really great names there, here are my favourites...

    - BOYS: Alexander, Ryan, James, Bradley, Evan, Luke, Daniel, Jack, Michael, Joseph.

    - GIRLS: Madeleine, Lucy, Rose, Ava, Natalie, Sophia, Grace, Elizabeth.

    Here are some names I think you might like, based on your choices...

    - Owen, Hadley, Nathan, Jake, Logan & Finley.

    - Caitlin, Mckenna, Lily, Camryn, Olivia & Ruby.

    * Really hope I helped :) good luck!

    - EDIT: And to Melanie G - what's wrong with 'Eleanor'? That's MY name and people often compliment me on it...

    - EDIT(2): I wasn't offended, just wondered what you thought was SO wrong with the name... you seem really repulsed by it, which I thought was odd and perhaps a bit unnecessary... your answer came across as if naming a child 'Eleanor' is the worst offence a mother could make - as if it was a weird, unsual name - "...are you REALLY thinking of naming your child Prune?!?!"

    Fair enough if you don't like a name, but don't you think your reaction was slightly over-the-top? Like I said, just... odd.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like Nicholas Alexander and Maura Katherine, Sophia Louise (I prefer Sophie) and Grace Elizabeth.

  • 1 decade ago

    I love the names

    Nicholas (Nick) Alexander

    Andrew Ryan

    Madeleine Mackenzie

    Sophia Louise

    Ava Jane

  • 1 decade ago

    I like your boy names because they are masculine, not overused or just plain silly and actually spelled correctly.

    Not wild about Wheeler or Gunner though.

    The girl names are okay. I hate grandma names and the majority of them sound like what my mimi's neighbors were named. In fact, my grandmother's name was Lucy... and are you REALLY thinking of naming your baby Eleanor?!?!? But they aren't made up or spelled all weird and they are actually girl names.

    I think Madeleine Mackenzie is way too much name for anyone though.

    Edit: To Pretty Green Eyes: Good for you that your name is Eleanor and you like it. I believe the OP asked for opinions on the names SHE listed. I gave my opinion. Sorry if you don't like it, and honestly, I don't even understand why you're offended. I don't even know you, but I do know that I don't like the name Eleanor and never will. It makes me think of an old woman. BTW - I don't really care either if you like my name cuz I do.

  • I don't care for Madeleine Mackenzie,Juliet Eleanor,Colby Luke, sorry the rest I like

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Nicholas Alexander and Grace Elizabeth

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love the name Colby Luke and Madeleine Mackenzie :)

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