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When using RealPlayer Sp Converter, which option do I choose to convert videos into AVI?

Below the "Drag Files to Convert Here", there is a drop down box that says "Convert to". Which one do I select to make it AVI?

BTW: It does not matter to me if it's computer or cell phones or portable media players. Which ever one(s) that can convert my video into AVI.


Please don't also give me any other software to download. Just answer the question.

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    I have the same problem, It's kinda hard to convert it into some kind of other file. I found this:

    Conversion Tips

    Not sure about which quality and resolution settings to use for your device? Use Automatic for the best results. The Automatic setting selects the resolution and quality options that best match the quality of your original file while also making it compatible with the selected device.

    Connect your device to your computer. RealPlayer Converter can copy files directly to many cell phones and some portable media players.

    You can drag and drop files into the conversion queue from anywhere on your computer, such as the Desktop.

    You can drag folders to the conversion queue to convert all the files in that folder.

    To convert one file or group of files to multiple formats at once (such as iPod and Xbox), click . Select Enable multi-select, and select your devices.

    If you put a mix of audio and video files in the conversion queue, they will be converted into the appropriate video and audio formats for the selected device. If the selected device only supports audio, all of the files convert to audio.

    You can convert a video file to audio only.

    You can customize any device profile. You can name and save your device profiles, and access them from the "Select a Device" dialog.

    Planning to watch your video on a small screen device, like a cell phone? Check the user manual of the device for the native screen resolution. Video converted to that resolution usually looks the best.

    Common device screen resolutions:

    iPod: 320 x 240

    iPhone or iPod Touch: 480 x 320

    Zune: 320 x 240

    The Custom device profile includes all of the possible format, quality, and resolution output settings available in RealPlayer Converter. To see them all in a table, view Creating Custom Settings.

    To show only the devices you use the most, click , then More Devices. Deselect devices to remove them from the "Select a Device" dialog.

    When you download videos from the internet, you can click Convert All in RealPlayer Downloader to open RealPlayer Converter.

    Note: Not all services and features are available in all countries. Services and features will be added as they become available.

    © 2009 RealNetworks, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Source(s): Conversion tips from Realplayer, and try putting you're device in and convert the audio or video in there and realplayer with insert it with the right file for you're device. or just click realplayer sp converter and under the arrow it will show Help, click it and it'll show all this in better forming if you still don't understand. Hoped I Helped! or jujst click this to help you if you're still confused.
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    You could try VDownloader. It's 100% free and has more features than any other YouTube downloader out there. It lets you save and convert videos from YouTube or other websites with only a single click to any possible format including MP3 and MP4. If you download the videos in a format compatible with your mobile device, such as your iPod, iPhone, PSP, Nokia or whatever you might use, then you can simply drag them or use a third-party app like iTunes or Floola to take your new videos or music anywhere you go.

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    You can try VideoMax Free Video Converter at

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    Wow, try Moyea Video Converter for Mac, and it can easily help you solve the problem.

    Good luck!

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