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Afghanistan is rich in Petroleum, Gold, Natural Gas, and Minerals. Is that why Russia n now U.S. invaded it?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey and the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Industry, Afghanistan may be possessing up to 36 trillion cubic feet (1,000 km3) of natural gas, 3.6 billion barrels (570,000,000 m3) of petroleum and up to 1,325 million barrels (2.107E+8 m3) of natural gas liquids. Other reports show that the country has huge amounts of gold, copper, coal, iron ore and other minerals.


To Trish the Jewess: Well, isnt this about Islamic religion country...

Update 2:

They are wiping out the entire Afghan civillians, talking about freedom..

Update 3:

To Pinkie: Taliban was just an excuse, grow up, you think these invaders are stupid..

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    good chance. righteousness had nothing to do with it. I read somewhere that someone had found a map of a proposed pipeline from the Caspian region to the gulf, and the bombing seemed to focus on that route.

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    I think that USA is not strong enough to explore anything now. Dollar is falling, falling... they have too many problems inside there own country. And they have no possible rights on these territories. It can be only Russia or Denmark or Canada. The expeditions just need to prove who is right. About the wars - a lot of people were killed and many of them are common people, not soldiers. Today about 200 people were killed today by American bombs. Nobody is killed right now in the North Pole. It was a scientific expedition, not a war. About making Stalin a hero - do you know a joke about American president - "If you still don't have democracy then we go to your country with our bombs". I don't think he looks white and fluffy after those wars. And setting those weapons around Russia in surrounding countries. Even if Russians are trying to get more money they are not killing anybody.

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    I believe the earliest invasion Afghanistan took place around 329 BC - 326 BC during the Hellenistic period. Alexander conquers Afghanistan, but fails to really subdue its people, unrest and bloody revolts become the regime’s hallmarks. The results have been the same since then. Foreign invasions..unrest and bloody revolts.

    Russia invaded Afghanistan supposedly to support the Marxist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan. The decision to send troops was made after long deliberation and repeated requests from the leadership of the PDPA, Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin and President Nur Mohammad Taraki. The disaster!

    The United States invaded Afghanistan in October, 2001 in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. This war in Afghanistan is the result of the terrorist cells, training camps created and run by the Taliban, al-Qaida and Bin Laden. The war is in response to the bloody acts of terrorism that has come out of them.

    So no, in my opinion, the treasures of is not why Russia and the US invaded Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan has exacted a huge price from America. Both financially and the lives of our citizens.

    From the Afghanistan website:

    "When you think Afghanistan Imagine:

    Where 20 years of war has totally crippled the economy, and you must try to somehow survive day-by-day by scrounging enough food to feed your children. Where people do not have the facilities to receive an education. Where people do not have the facilities to receive treatment at hospitals. Where, on average, men die at 40 years of age and women at 43. Where hundreds of thousands of people are maimed, disabled, or blind because of war and land mines. Where you face a high chance of becoming blind or crippled because of the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, causing vitamin deficiency. If you are blind or crippled, no one can help you because those that are not blind or crippled need help as well."

    I believe only when the people of Afghanistan put aside their differences and unite with the common desire for peace will their county enjoy the fruits of their national treasure. My heart breaks for the common, everyday, peace loving people of Afghanistan.

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    As an American, I can certainly understand the United States attacking there after 9/11.... but what is mystifying is our government's continued occupation and attempts to form a government there.

    If you have just cause to go to war, then go with all your might. Accomplish the task of eliminating a threat.. do it quickly and massively, then go home!

    The United States has been deeply involved in this region of the world for a very long time now. And only a fool would assert that such involvement was meant for the good of the average Muslim who lives there. Nothing could be further from the truth. They may not necessarily want to harm Muslims, but their involvement was selfish, through and through. My nation should mind its own business and stay out of the internal affairs of other nations. We should close our 700 military bases and installations in the over 130 countries they are in, and bring our soldiers home. We should stop giving aid to both sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and let those people decide their own fate.

    It is amazing to me that with our own domestic affairs in such a shambles, we nevertheless feel wise enough to tell others how they should conduct their own affairs. Our government is as foolish as they come - Democrats and Republicans!

    And finally... if we had been minding our own business all along - instead of proping up dictators, over throwing foreign governments (Iran in 1953), installing tyrants over Muslim populations, setting up military bases in Muslim lands - 9/11 would never have happened. Muslims are angry with us. 9/11 was criminal... but our government's behavior there has been more criminal for 60 years.

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    To be honest, I'm not sure why the USSR attacked it other than to expand their already huge empire. The minerals may have played a part, but Afghanistan's bad luck to be near the Soviet Union was probably a bigger deciding factor.

    The US attacked for many reasons. They wanted to bring down the Taliban for human rights violations (ha ha as if the US has never committed a human rights violation), at the time they may have truly felt that Afghanistan was a threat to the US (unlike Iraq which was clearly motivated by nothing but greed), and perhaps the natural resources were a part of the factor.

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    Most probably.

    There's also the poppies. Heroin is a very useful drug, from a government's point of view. It makes people non-aggressive (therefore not likely to get involved in anti-government rioting) while they're stoned; but when it wears off, they'll crawl naked through broken glass to get some more.

    Source(s): Follow the money and see where it leads!
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    If their only intention was to take the natural resources, why are they allowing the afghans to have their own government?

    It would be much easier to install a military dictatorship and keep all of the wealth derived from the resources.

    Think maybe it could have something to do with people blowing themselves up to murder innocent civilians instead?

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    The US attacked Afghanistan because it refused to give up Bin Laden after he performed the atrocities of 9/11. It was a breeding group for terrorism under the Taliban (even Muslim countries suffer the consequences of the Islamic radicals --- many terrorist events in Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, etc can be traced back to people trained in Afghanistan).

    I find it funny that some people refuse to face simple facts; the Taliban had always harbored terrorists. These terrorists had been causing havoc in the Middle East for a long time by committing terrorist atrocities against tourism, local non-Muslims and even the Muslim governments when they considered them to be "not Muslim enough".

    When they attacked the US on 9/11, they committed their ultimate mistake. They set themselves up against an enemy that was not only capable, but willing to rain retribution on their collective heads.

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    It is also home of the greatest amount of poppy cultivation in the world. U can't deny those Americans their drugs now can u. Thats why USA is wanting Afghanistan.

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    Why is this in the Religion section? Shouldn't this be in the Military or Politics sections?

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