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If you were able to extract DNA from the bacteria using the same method as the wheat germ DNA extraction,?

would you expect a yield of DNA to be the same, more or less? explain.

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    First of all the answer from jai is bogus. He is talking about transformation, not DNA extraction (sorry jai).

    As for your question, jeez it just depends how you did the DNA extraction. A lot is in the details. I went here


    and looked at their technique. Ouch!

    In general I would imagine that this process depends on the fact that the DNA is really very large, and that in the spooling of the DNA you rely on that fact. Since bacterial DNA is in general smaller (there are gazzillions of different types of bacteria, so which one did you have in mind...?), I would imagine that you would get less DNA from bacteria.

    Keep in mind that different starting materials will give different yields for a variety of different reasons, some of which will depend on the way in which the starting material is processed before you start the DNA extraction. And you can get very different yields from the same starting material, depending on how well you follow the protocol on different days. Look here...


    for a discussion of that.

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    Here's my rebuttal. I accept the fact that the DNA sequencing is so closely matched between humans and chimpanzees. I have no problem with that whatsoever. That said, exactly WHAT Alien DNA would you have available to make the claim that there is that common ancestry. So I will so, what you said doesn't work anyway: You are an art historian/conosseur. You are faced with an assignment. A painiting has been found in someone's basement without, for some reason, a signature. Your boss' believe that the artist is, say, a guy by the name of Michaelangelo but it's your job to authenticate that. "By George", it IS a Michaelangelo, you proclaim. Why? Did the great man smack you on the head and say "Hey, that's MY work"? No. You recognized the artist because in his other work you have seen common threads: the use of light, the type of strokes, the thems, etc. You can even take the illustration and think of a fashion designer and how women can recognize a dress as being from one designer or another because of recognizable features. Thinking along those lines, is it that difficult to accept that "the Grand Creator" would also have commonalities in his creation? Reply honestly. ============ Brook: ok I concede the Michaelangelo point. I'm fair that way. So pick an artist of choice. Renoir maybe. ?? :) and yes there are artists who try and duplicate the masters, but the masters themselves always stand out, don't they? And I can totally understand your wanting to be SURE. My contention, however, is that you CAN be sure if you really looked with an open mind. I enjoyed this debate point btw. :)

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    The quality or the yield of the DNA obtained from different species varies for sure either + or - . there are two types of DNA extraction methods found which offer DNA s of different quality for different species . they are ,

    1) Electroporation or gene gun method and

    2) chemical methods

    Hope this helps , All the best have a nice day!

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