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What is the approximate blast radius of a 1,000lb (pound) bomb?

Such as a tomahawk missile, or a conventional 1,000lb bomb. What is the scale of the blast? Would it destroy a house, or three, or more? How many feet/meters would be destroyed by an impact?


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    Well lets assume were talking about a general purpose bomb (GP) (GP bomb will have much less explosive filler but more metal fragments)

    A 1000 pound bomb will leave a crater about 20-30 foot (depending totally on ground type and fusing)

    I would expect a 1000 pound bomb to exert around 7-8 psi past 100 foot which would total demolish a typical house and probably about 3 psi out to around 150 foot which is enough to break up light construction. Fragmentation could be lethal well past 1/2 a mile although you would not expect to see many kills that far out

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    A 1,000 lb bomb has :

    Lethal blast range - 28 meters <-- this is what your looking for

    Blast shrapnel range - 600 feet

    Fragmentation range - 3,000 feet

    Effective casualty radius - abput 200 meters ( wounded

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    Depending on the proportion of blast and the materials used. There are many 1k lbs bombs, but they all have different levels of -boom!-

  • 200ft

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    Tomahawk Missile Explosion

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