can i get sued for this?

I play a rpg game called runescape and i am what you would be considered a high level. Well, i was searching on ebay and i saw someone was selling a guide on ebay about how to make money in runescape. Well i bought it (was only 2.99) just cus i was curious, and it turned out it was a guide written in wordpad and was sent via email in a attachment. I of course expected this, but i thougth the guide sucked but i saw that over 45 people have bought it in the last month so i decided to make my own and sell it on eba.

Only i made mine with pictures of the runescape map(while i was playing rs, i would go to map and prtscn the whole page and paste in paint and copy only small bits and paste it into word along with the information to make it more informative) well, i want to know if i can get sued for using runescapes pictures. While i think i am only selling information, the guide really woudnt be that great if itwasn't for the pictures i used(i edited many pictures with red lines and dotes to show trails). can anyone help? if you dont understand enough, plz ask me.


im only selling the guide for 1.99 ea.

Update 2:

but there are so many of them but many of them have copyright thing like.

RuneScape ® is a trademark of Jagex Software © 1999 - 2009 Andrew Gower and Jagex, Ltd.

All Pictures of RuneScape are owned by Jagex

We are in no way affiliated with Jagex or Runescape

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    Even for just $1.99, it can still be charged as copyright infringement. The issue will be whether or not it is considered "fair usage" which allows you to use excerpts from copyrighted material for the purpose of education, review, discussion, or satire. Unfortunately, it sounds more like this booklet would be a companion piece to the game and would not be regarded as fair usage. This would even apply if you drew your own copies of their pictures rather than using their actual pictures. Either obtain written permission from the copyright holders, or remove the pictures entirely if you want to avoid copyright infringement problems.

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