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What should I do?! (females?)?

I've had two diaries that i have written in since I was 9 years old (I'm 14)..and now I don't know what to do with them. There completelyfull with personal feelings and information about myself that NOBODY else on earth knows. Not even my parents (nothing bad, dont worry. just personal feelings,ect).

Yesterday I was cleaning my room out to get ready to start school and i seriously have NO place to hide these away. I don't feel comfortable jts putting them in a drawer cause honsetly.. i dont trust my parents (theyve attempted to steal and read them).

What should I do with these? i dont want ANYONE ever reading them. I've considered throwing them away but once there in that can I can never get them back. PLEASE HELP!


--- also... I seriously don't know how I'm going to handle these when I'm older. I bring them along with me to college? I'm not writing in them anymore..their full of things i dont even like reading.

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    don't throw them out. you'll regret it in the future. when your older you'll look back on those and laugh at what you wrote (: haha trust me, i had diaries when i was younger and kept them, and just hid them. and whenever i'd find them when i would move and stuff i'd read them and laugh at myself like at what i wrote, but i eventually threw some diaries out when i was moving this one time and we had to throw alot of stuff out because we didn't have much space and i regret throwing them out now.

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    Do not throw them out. Diaries are always great to look back on.

    Under your matress, under a desk/drawer that's low to the ground, in a shoe box, covered it with other things then put it in your closet and label the box whatever you put on top of the diaries so that then your parents dont look, make sure it's something that they aren't interested in.

    Source(s): I'm 14 yrs old with nosy parents :P
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    Gosh--I threw away some old autograph books that I had as a kid--where all my classmates had signed them and written stuff in them. You think, "I don't care," at the time, but then later on, you regret it. Keep them. Put them in your closet, underneath a bunch of clothes. Your parents may have read them a long time ago. Don't worry so much about it. But just put them where you will feel they are safe. A closet underneath clean socks is a good place.

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    Get a book. A big book. Maybe two. Carve out an area to hide your journals in. Make sure you don't use a dictionary or anything someone would have a reason to look at.

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    The important thing is what's happening now. It isn't healthy to dwell on the past, and it's especially unhealthy to hold onto a material possession just because it represents the past. Throw them away, it'll make your life a lot easier.

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    if they're full of things u dont like reading anymore get some scissors and chop away and into the garbage go all the tiny little secrets longer the books are around the sooner someone will find them.

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    i found that shredding them up is good and when your mum or dad asks what your doing, say you shredding old old old school work that you no longer need

    but if you want to keep them and want noone to find them put them in a shoe box or something in the back of you wardrobe were noone will look :)

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    and dont hide them under your mattress. EVERYONE hides stuff under their mattresses. its so obvious. i would cut a slit in the mattress and shove it in the stuffing. or hollow out some big thick books. tape them under a shelf. put them in a pillow case or disguise them in a pile of books.

    google "how to hide a diary"

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    Well my bed is up against a wall, so I slip my diary in between the wall and my bed. It's a pain to get back, but seriously, nobody knows where it is when I do that.

    EDIT: Wow I just told the whole world where my diary is. fail.

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    Ha that once happened to me. I would have killed myself if anyone had ever gotten there hands on it!!!

    I ended up ripping each page out then ripping them to shreds. It worked out.

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