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Do you think the Raiders will go 8-8 this season?

Well Herm Edwards and Matt Millen(obviously) think they can go 8-8 and Mark Schlareth as well.

Well anyway I actually watch their games unlike some people who just say their bad because they have been bad for the last few years and never get to see them.

They got legit talent.

They can run on anybody. Their running game is great with Darren Mcfadden(who's finally healthy), Micheal Bush, and Justin Fargas(who can be a 4th quarter guy and who fights for every yard)

Remember this defense was 3rd in the lg three years ago. They still have some of that defense still here. With Rob Ryan it was no blitz and play prevent man defense. With John Marshall this defense should get much better.

Also the receiving corps believe it or not got better. DHB will be a vertical threat. Zach Miller has hands of steel. Javon Walker is healthy(hopefully). But the guy I'm looking at is Chaz Schillens. Last year he was a 7th round rookie and took the starting job mid-season and looked decent. Right now according to training camp reports it looks like he's going to win the number 1 job easily. He's a tall and fast receiver with good hands and according to AFC West blogger has an elite skill set.

The only problem is that it is their O-Line. They are a good run blocking line but pass blocking is a little shaky. Even with Mario Henderson(who played good against Mario Williams, Richard Seymour, and Gaines Adams) it is still going to be a problem.

Still this season lies on the hands of Jamarcus Russell. Even if he can improve the Raiders should be better this season.

And their schedule is not tough. Besides the NFC East they should be able to sweep the Broncos and Chiefs due to the fact they both suck now. And they should be able to beat the Jets, Bengals, and Redskins at home. And then the beat the Browns. And that would give them 8 wins.


Also the best way to follow the Raiders this training camp is this Bay Area columnist's twitter

Update 2:

Yo I just care about finishing .500 by the end of the season. I don't even know how it feels like anymore to win 8 games.

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    well said man, well said!There are a few things i'm nervous about though.

    1.Jamarcus Russell:I've heard he's been lazy and inconsistent.And that he he said "the QB has to be the leader, even if he doesn't want to be".Man are you KIDDING me?!So he's one guy i'm worried about.

    2.The O-Line.It was looking a lot better especially since they got 4 new linemen, but Kalif Barnes got injured(the one guy Cable was really looking forward to).Regardless, its they should still be better against the pass rush.

    3.Receivers:I am mostly excited about this one(but nervous too).Walker said he's never felt better, and i really want him to play like he did in 2004.Higgins i'm excited to see, same with Schillens.

    And i hope DHB can maybe stretch out the field, letting Miller get more catches.

    I'm so excited to see the D blitz more under Marshall.FINALLY Rob Ryan is gone, i dont know what the hell he was doing the last couple of years.

    Source(s): If they can execute, i think they can go 9-7 beating all the teams you said including the Texans.
  • I don't know about the Raiders sweeping the Chiefs. Maybe a split at best. The Chiefs have always had their number, and I think the Chiefs will be a lot better as well.

    I just don't think the Raiders are going anywhere with fatass Jamarcus Russell at QB. I think he's a big fat bust. But perhaps Jeff Garcia has one more magic trick left and can step in and lead this team to a decent record, and the running game is very good. There is talent here. But the Raiders defense is awful against the run and didn't improve upon that this offseas, and Al Davis has proven over and over that he doesn't know what he's doing in the draft or free agency.

    I just don't see it. This is a 6-10 that will compete in many games it plays, and will pull a couple of upsests. But it's also a team that will finish behind Kansas City and San Diego in the division. At least they'll have the Broncos to pad their fall at the floor of the AFC West cellar.

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    Maybe. The D is forged or even with J Campbell being an excessively traditional QB within the grand scheme of matters, it is nonetheless higher than Jawalrus...who I do not forget looking support lay a beat down at the Texans within the Black Hole 2 years in the past....and that is approximately it. I LOLed although. J Campbell underrated? Wow. I get the brand new O coordinator each and every season nearly, however permit's now not hit the crack pipe right here.

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    8-8 is not crazy for oakland they are the 2nd best team in the afc west

    but dont be fooled by that 8-8 the raiders will get to play Denver and KC 4 games against 2 of the worst rebuilding teams in the NFL at worst the raiders should go 3-1 that means they just need to be 5- 7 in the other 12 games

    Source(s): the nfc east will go 4-0 against the raiders they all have too much talent and run the ball too well for the raiders def. washington had the 5th rated def in the nfl last year. it was the 3rd rated in the nfc east. that div is just that good
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    With the addition of Jeff Garcia, Darius Heyward Bay, and Greg Ellis the team will have a strong defense, but their offense needs a good spark. there are many good free agent offensive players such as marvin harrison and warrick dunn. if they pick up lets say derrick brooks their defense will definetly be in the top 15 as long as nnamdi asamough stays healthy. so if they dont add any more players id say the oakland raiders will go 7-9-0. 8-8-0 is a bit out of reach

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    Whoa, looks like we got our self a big Raiders fan. i have to admit the Raiders have young, raw talented players with lots of potential. I think they have an ability to make the playoffs but they have to be well coached. The Broncos rebuilding since they got a new head coach, new QB and defense, so the Raiders have a chance of beating them. The Chiefs need help, with their O-line, and the addition of Greg Ellis will get to Cassel. I hope the Raiders make it somewhere this season.

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    Don't listen to those "paid what to say to spark interest" ESPNers. Raiders will blow guaranteed. 6-10 is the best offensive line to Russell still is not even an average receivers.......defense isn't bad but is on the field too long and folds at the end of games...and of course the Al Davis factor

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    as long as jamarcus is the qb, they'll have problems. he doesn't take it seriously. he thinks he can just win with his arm, but this is the pros man, you gotta take it seriously or you will not succeed

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    as my friend KG would say "ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!"

    garbage division and showed signs of improvement late last season so i wouldnt be shocked if it happened

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    No I dont think theyll do that good

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