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Roy Jones Jr vs James"Lights Out"Toney 2009 rematch?

Who would win this time since their both past their prime

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    I was at the first one, both were at there peaks, and Toney was actually a slight favorite going in, Roy was lucky, he really shouldn't have gotten credit for the knock down, Jones jumped in so fast and hip checked Toney while throwing a short hook it looked like a knock down, and Toney's own reflexes and balance almost got James's feet back under him, but all anybody remembers is Toney reeling across the ring trying to get his feet under him, they don't remember the whole thing was the result of Roy's hip striking Toney, not the punch. It was ruled a knockdown, and the rest is history. It really was an amazing fight between to top level fighters at their very best. I gave Roy 8 of the 12 in that one.

    Today, Toney's body is fat, he looks almost over weight, but he has had considerable success at heavyweight. Where Roy's venture into the heavyweight division was almost a publicity stunt Toney took on some serious heavyweight competition. Names like Holyfield, Rockmon (twice) and Sam Peters (twice) give Toney's heavyweight venture an air of creditability that Roy's lacks. Even with the steroid's controversy, the truth is Toney won a couple titles at heavyweight against legitimate competition. After going 24 rounds with Sam Peters, there is no question Toney's chin is solid, Roy's chin on the other hand is at best not a heavyweight chin. Both have lost their youthful skills, but Toney is far and away the tougher of the two.

    Based on the Glen Johnson beat down Roy suffered, I give James Toney the edge in 2009, James seems to have maintained that old school duralibiity and toughness, Roy on the other hand lost that blinding speed and quickness he once had, and lacked Toney's boxing skill, defensive ability and toughness. Toney KOed a shot Evander Holyfield, and he would most likely KO a shot Roy Jones Jr. too, Roy had more, and lost more than James over the years.

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    James Toney: punches are too heavy for Jones to handle. Jones is not fast enough anymore to stay away from Toney.

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    they have about a 50 pound difference between the 3 of them

    that fight would never happen

    anyhow i give this to toney

    toney is very slick even though hes chubby

    roy would win back in the day but toney has fought some really tough guys like sam peters

    i dont think roy could hurt him

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    toney at heavyweight would be stronger than jones, and jones doesn't have the reflexes he did in the first fight.

    toney by 8th round stoppage.

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