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Is anyone bothered at all by these statistics? Do we really have?

the best health care system? PLEASE just read through and tell me that something is really wrong when the greatest country in the world stacks up to other countries in the way we do.

Reports & statistics from the OECD:

• Half of all bankruptcies IN THE US are caused by medical bills

• Three-quarters of those filings are by people with health insurance.

• The average overhead cost for U.S. private health insurers is 11.7%; for Medicare, it is 3.6%; for Canada’s national health insurance program, it is 1.3 %

• A baby born in El Salvador has a better chance of surviving than a baby in Detroit.

• The infant mortality rate in Detroit is 15.5, compared to El Salvador's rate of 9.7.12

• Over the next decade, the US federal government will give the drug & health care industries an estimated $822 billion as a result of the 2003 Medicare Part D (Medicare prescription drug plan).

• There are four times as many health care lobbyists in Washington as there are members of Congress

• There are 100 times more lobbyists of all stripes in Washington today than there were during the Reagan presidency.

• 90% of Americans believe the American health care system needs fundamental changes or needs to be completely rebuilt. 75% of Americans believe the federal government should guarantee universal health care for all citizens.

Life expectancy

1. San Marino …….. 80

2. Australia ……….. 79

3. Cyprus …………. 79

4. Iceland…………. 79

5. Israel……………. 79

6. Japan………….. 79

7. Sweden………… 79

8. Switzerland…… 79

9. Andorra………… 78

10. Canada…………. 78

11. Italy……………… 78

12. Monaco……….. 78

13. Netherlands…. 78

14. New Zealand .. 78

15. Norway………… 78

US 38th on list


1. Singapore….. 2.31

2. Bermuda…… 2.46

3. Sweden……… 2.75

4. Japan………… 2.79

5. Iceland…….. 3.23

6. France ………. 3.33

7. Finland……. 3.47

8. Anguilla…… 3.52

9. Norway…….. 3.58

10. Malta……….. 3.75

11. Andorra…… 3.76

12. Czech Republic … 3.79

13. Germany……… 3.99

14. Switzerland….. 4.18

15. Spain ………….. 4.21

2007- United States Infant Mortality Rate Average = 6.37 Deaths per 1000 Live Births

One of the worst, AFGHANISTAN, is at 152 deaths per 1000.....


1. Mexico: …………. 2.2 per 100,000 children

2. United States:.. 2.2 per 100,000 children

3. Hungary:……….. 1.2 per 100,000 children

4. New Zealand:… 1.2 per 100,000 children

5. Austria: …………. 0.9 per 100,000 children


# 1. Mexico:……… 26.2

# 2. United States:.. 22.4

# 3. Italy:…………… 20.5

# 4. United Kingdom:. 19.8

# 5. Turkey:……….. 19.7












** USA was #11!

Among the OECD's 30 members – (which include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) – there are only 3 members lacking universal health coverage[. Two of them, Mexico and Turkey, have the excuse of being poorer than the rest (and until the onset of the world economic crisis, Mexico was on the way to providing healthcare to all of its citizens).

The third, of course, is the United States.


Maxwell, that's too bad. The stats are NOT mine. They are from the OECD. So you think they just make up numbers that are not true? That's about as logical as the birther movement.

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    As someone who works closely with the medical insurance industry, I know all about those stats, man.

    I'm just surprised people are this ignorant to assume that nothing should be done about it. Obama is, at least, thinking in the right direction even if his ideas are not embraced.

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    hi i am 19 just turning 20 and i am 33 weeks pregnant with my first child. i dont see myself in the teen pregnany group as i am engaged and living with my partner of 3 years. i dont think you should be worried about being in the teen group as you are mature and setled i think the teen is more for irrisponsible girls who get pregnant by mistake with no boyfriend or girls getting pregnant because hey think they want a baby at a young age. i would say after 18 if you are in a relationship and everything is good a baby is perfectly normal. these days more couples are staring families younger and there is nothing wrong with it. i dont know if this is the answer you are lookig for but i hope it helps x

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    Thank You so Much for this information .

    I know when My Veteran husband suffered from an aneurysm and the VA would Not take him because of Republican budget cuts to the VA It Bankrupted me ; though I did not file bankruptcy I just paid off what I could because I sold our home and still could not fix the car ( the rear main seal went out in our Honda) . My business went under as well

    So I came back to my home state from Texas pretty broke . It has been a Long Haul since he passed away and Now I too am ill with cancer .

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    No one is fleeing the USA in mass & becoming a citizen of another country for their "great" medical care. Rather World Leaders flee to the USA for Medical Care. No other country in the world has made so many medical advances as the USA. Get Gov out of the Health Care Business, medical advances will speed up. Get Gov Bureaucrats taking over, medical advancements slow to a crawl.

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  • The best solution to our broken system is a single payer system and to take the profit making insurance corporations out of the system altogether. Right now our system is set up for hospitals to profit off keeping patients sick by repeatedly running needless and redundant tests for insurance corporations to pay. And, then if the patient needs any real care like an operation or transplant or what ever to save the person's life after all those tests are taken, then the insurance corporation denies the proceedure because they are in the business of making profits. If they don't pay for the proceedure, they save money that the patient already sent in as premiums. The system is corrupt and bankrupt. It is set up to keep us sick and in debt. That's a fact.

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    Yes, they are bothersome and I can attest to the bankruptcy statistics personally, having been a minor in the stroke community, where a LOT of people who've had them lost their jobs, their health care insurance and all their assets. Those who are able to keep their health insurance are cut off from services by unrealistic, rationing by the insurance companies

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    You lost me when you claimed "75% of Americans believe the federal government should guarantee universal health care"

    I do not believe that statistic for ONE second. Which makes me suspect of anything else you have to say.

    especially when you back up nothing with any sources.

    ADD: That is fine if they aren't your numbers, but if 75% of America wanted UHC, there would be protests against BO's plan going to far, there would protests that they don't go far enough. Remember, if 75% of americans think that, then the majority of Reps must by in favor of UHC. And we both know that isn't the case.

  • Considering our population is substantially larger than any of those countries, it seems we are doing pretty well.

    What are the break downs in a per capita analysis?

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    These people are mindless shills for big health industries. They parrot lies with such vigor because they refuse to listen to reality. It must be sad going through life acting against your own self interest because you simply don't know any better.

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    Yeah, we need health care reform badly. Only fool or a rich conservative can deny these facts (maybe they're both).

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