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Is it possible that oral sex and friction from regular sex is causing me to have UTI?

This is my fourth time. I could tell yesterday right after sex that I was going to get another one. This time.. by today a lot of blood came out. When I did my urine test.. my urine turned out red. (not from medication)

I regularly do not drink a lot of water and I urinate 3 times day. If I were to drink more water, would this decrease the chances of getting UTI?

It seems as if my UTI is triggered by oral sex or too much friction from sex... is it common for those two things to cause UTI?


Thanks everyone. And no, I do not drink alcohol.

Update 2:

Thanks everyone! But what explains me being able to tell that I got UTI a couple minutes after sex?

I've had 4 in under a year... could it also be due to my anatomy/urethra?

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    You need to see a doctor the sooner the better blood in your urine needs attention quickly. Yes sex can cause an UTI as other people have said you need to pee before and after sex to reduce the risk. If you live in a cool area ie uk you need to drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day but if you drink things like coffee alchol and cola which can act as diuretics then it needs to be more and in hot weather you will need more fluid. You should be concerned about the fact that this is your 4th UTI in what I imagine is a short period so seek medical help as you may need antibiotics to clear it up completely as you do not want to let it spread up the tubes to your kidneys. Try drinking cranberry juice as this changes the ph of your urine and lessens the symptoms.

    If you live in the uk then try ringing the NHS direct helpline for more help see web site below

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    Yes. Friction and saliva can cause a UTI. You should always try to urinate after sex. It will greatly reduce your chances of getting one. They are also most likely severe, b/c you don't drink enough water. You should pee more than 3 times a day. In fact, just drinking more water could stop the UTI's all together even w/o peeing after sex. Just drink more water, pee after sex, and you should be fine. If this doesn't help, then go to the doctor. It will probably be a recurring problem that will never completely go away.

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    Yes, any kind of vaginal intercourse can cause a UTI. Drink more, and make damn sure you pee before and after sex. Bacteria that is normally present in the mouth, vagina, and on the hands and penis are forced into the urethra during sexual contact.

    You might consider taking a multivitamin as well. If you're having a recurring problem, your immune system may be working below where it should.

    Definitely talk to a doctor. You need some good antibiotics, and possibly some blood tests.

    Good luck.

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    Always always pee right after sex. The friction from sex can actually push bacteria into your urethra which can cause a UTI. Drinking more water would be good.Also you can treat them by drinking cranberry juice. I don't like the bitterness so I drink cranapple juice. You can also buy over the counter meds like AZO this will help also. Beware with this though that it can turn your urine orange. This could be scary if you didn't know it was coming. Good luck

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    Yes, you will get irritation from time to time from sex! What i'm concerned about is that you are urinating only three times a day, this is way too few times. You should be drinking more water, or fluids in general. If you drink coffee then that will dehydrate you further, the same goes for alcohol. Try drinking a couple of glasses of cranberry juice a day and a couple of glasses of water, if the symptoms aren't gone in a few weeks than I would go to see your GP.

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    Please drink more water. Your not letting your body produce the natural chemicals it takes to prevent UTI. Drinking water helps your white blood cells, and your white blood cells is what help fight against bacteria. -Drink plenty of water.-Avoid holding your urine.-When you urinate make sure you are wiping from front to back.-For awhile avoid baths, take showers.-Clean the genital area before and after intercourse.-Avoid douches especially scented ones, and feminine sprays.- Wear underwear with a cotton crotch. Good luck.

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    The answer is yes. Sex causes bacteria to get into your female urethra. You should pee after sex.

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    rough sex can def play a part

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    do u drink alcohol?

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