adding a new hard drive to my computer?

i have one sata hard drive now and want to add a second sata hard drive.. i do not want to format my old hard drive and lose all my files.... should there be a problem? can i just plug in the hard drive data and power cables and when i start it back up it should work? or is there something else i have to do?

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    The act of adding a new physical hard-drive will not in anyway reformat your old hard-drive

    Just plug the SATA cable and the power cable and you're good to go.

    Check BIOS and see if your computer recognizes the new drive. You will need to format your new hard-drive in order to use it (the new one, the old will be remained untouched)

    To format your new hard-drive, do this (this guide applies to both vista and xp)

    Click Start, right-click on 'My Computer', choose 'Manage'

    On the left column, hit 'Disk Management' under 'Storage'

    On the bottom, right column, you'll see Disk 0, Disk 1,etc.

    Disk 0 is your current hard-drive, so leave it alone. The new drive that you need to format will be gray-shaded and it will display 'Unallocated' on it.

    Right-click on it and choose 'New Partition', the partition wizard will guide you through from there.

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    See the previous respond. It sounds like the previous disk has an previous O/S on it it particularly is getting used FIRST in the booting technique. My wager is that the pc is in all probability attempting besides from the previous disk that it sees first, and Vistacontinual has logically become the '2nd' power. attempt this: Re-connect the cables for the previous and new drives, noting the dimensions of each and every. Then reboot the workstation, stepping into the motherboard SETUP exhibit screen. on the 1st exhibit screen (orcontinual exhibit screen) take into consideration the order and names of the two drives, then set the BOOT precedence to work out the newcontinual first... The order i desire to propose at the instant: one million. CDROM 2. no longer basic disk (the newcontinual might desire to be chosen) 3. Disabled/None as quickly as the workstation boots right in VISTA, you ought to work out the newcontinual ascontinual C:, and the previous one as D:. you ought to use living house windows Explorer to choose thecontinual D:, and then right-click to "format..." the oldcontinual.

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    Should work fine although you'll need to format it.

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