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why do kids rock back and forth?

why do kids rock back and forth

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    It is usually done for self-soothing. Not all kids do this, but those that do usually will start at around 6 months of age and stop at around 3 years. Rocking in kids over three years old can be a sign of developmental disorders including autism. Rocking in kids over three is also common in post-institutionalized kids (children who spent time in orphanages). These kids never learned to accept soothing from adults and so tend to engage in more self-soothing behaviors.

    Rocking is typically not a cause for concern unless it seems to be becoming excessive, the child rocks hard enough to hurt him/herself, or other behavioral problems are observed.

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    They like motion. My daughter basically rocks herself to sleep, so I'm glad kids rock back and forth. :)

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    It's not just kids you know, i still do it. It's a comfort motion just like someone else said.

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    because their heads are too big for their bodies.

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    its a symptom of autism..borderline or not thats what it is

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