tokio hotel family:i need to explain something important?

some of my friends from Y!A have pointed out that i have a problem when i get to many thumbs down on an answer it doesn't brother me that much but like the question about the twincrest pic the reason why i asked that is because i didn't see anything wrong with it and i wanted to know my most recent question was the one about mike muller okay i just did know if i offended anybody i mean i learned new stuff everyday about tokio hotel im new and i want to know more i just get really excited about being in the TH family its fun i feel accepted for the most part i just get frustrated when i don't understand something :(


@ tara thanks i'll remember that!

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    don't let all the thumb downs and any other things to make you feel bad. you new, just give it time to know everything that goes on in the th family. don't let anything get in the way of you wanting to be apart of the th family, so just keep on answering the questions. your not the only new one here so don't feel like your alone in this

  • well its fine you're'll learn more about them with time..ive been liking them for a while now, and i learn something new about them every im not even joking =)

    the thing with twincest is that a lot of fans don't support it..i don't..i think its wrong and a lot of ppl in TH family that's if not all ..don't support it either. It's pretty sick...but anyways lets get off that subject..the whole mike muller thing, you can like him theres nothing wrong with that..and yes being in a member of TH family is pretty awesome..don't stress though, you're still new.

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    Don't worry being a new fan that stuff is bound to happen and that's why were all here to help and give answers so if you don't understand just ask There will always be haters or someone who will thumb you down for your opinion no matter what you just have to get used too it

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    Aw, i don't ever give you thunbs down.. But.. i really don't understand how you couldn't have at least known what that pic was hinting at.. it's not like i'm mad at you or anything for posting it though(:

    Ah.. Mike Muller though.. i really just don't like him/her =/ (mainly because 'he' poses [cosplay; whatever] as Bill & honestly.. there are pics of 'him' where he has boobs & really, really looks like a girl. & i honestly do not think that they were photoshopped).

    But, seriously, if that's your opinion, it's fine.. i just wouldn't go around posting lots of questions about 'him'.

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    i know how you feel and its ok, i didnt know any of this stuffs either when i first stared linking th, it took me a while to learn all this little things about the band, so dont feel bad, its ok and dint worry soon your going to know all this things by memory and even more.

  • its okay :DDDD if ur not sure about something u can always message me and il tell you :D

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    aww its okay! we were all a bit like you when we first started! hell i thought toms name was tim at first xDDD

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